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There is certain television shows that upon hearing the news of the cancellation I encountered mixed feelings. An example I recently encountered was the CWís ĎBeauty and the Beast,' the more particular referring to the remake that began in 2012, not the earlier version that had the titular beast traveling around New York City grabbing onto the roofs of subway cars. This variation featured a beast created by the perennial favorite search for a serum that creates super soldiers. Over the course of four years, fans have been in going into the lives of the most recent incarnation of the star-crossed lovers NYPD Detective, Catherine Chandler (Kristin Kreuk), the beauty, and the associated beast, Dr. Vincent Keller (Jay Ryan). The overall story arc provided a solid story sufficiently robust to keep some of the particulars of a constant state of flux. There are several of the major pitfalls intrinsically part of high concept premises that are addressed throughout the series. One of the most notable is that some of the initial major threats committed to play out far too long. The writers of the series were able to bring a set of circumstances to a conclusion that almost seamlessly replaces them with others that were even more attractive. Despite winning numerous awards in developing a loyal fan base, the programming executives at the CW decided that the ratings were too low to warrant a fifth season. As such the fourth season of the consideration here represented the conclusion of the show. Although this series never managed to reach the level of quality conducive to becoming a classic consistently remained enjoyable series to watch and despite my exceptional load shows the part review, I always make time to catch the latest episode of the series. I use this as an example to the point that I many times discussing my friends. Not every show has to be spectacular. There are series on television that are fun to watch despite the fact that they are destined never to be considered groundbreaking. This is the kind of show the back and after several years with fond memories.

For a long time and is considered the kiss of death romantic chemistry between the lead characters of the show finally are consummated, a plot point typically associated with jumping the proverbial shark. After a prolonged period of teasing the audience with sexual innuendo formally acknowledging the relation spins the story into a quagmire of predictable romantic plot points. The fourth season opens up directly after the third seasonís conclusion that saw Vincent and Catherine eventually married. It may have been a decade since my late wife and I navigated the adjustments necessary during the newlywed period of marriage, but in a very strange way, many of these familiar struggles of adjustment are presented here in a somewhat accurate fashion. One caveat that must make is that order to be consistent with the contextual obligations of the series, most of those situations presented as overly dramatic. The words consistently working couple were the major obstacles to happiness is scheduling. You have to balance the demands of two careers and still find time to relate to each other as a loving couple. The first modifier to exacerbate this condition is altogether possible in the real world. Vincent is trying his best to leave his life as a fugitive behind him and is taken a job as a doctor in a major New York City hospital. Catherine is a highly respected detective gained a reputation of making high-priority arrests as she fought against several coteries determined to use the beastly powers with their nefarious plots. During the seasons it seems as though there was an inexhaustible supply of people subjected to the Beast Protocol. One twist included in this part of the back story is personalized for Catherine by having her mother as one of the key scientists to the development and implementation of the Beast Protocol. The inclusion of Catís mother provided the foundation for an additional regular character, Heather (Nicole Gale Anderson). Initially, she was a recurring character who in this final season became elevated to series regular. Heather receives an increasingly important role participating in several secondary storylines. Another annoyance that addressed in this show is the prolonged period that people incredibly close to the principles are completely clueless to the slightest iota of the truth. This was handled by gradually bringing a close friend, family, and partners into the inner circle. Catís partner, Tess Vargas (Nina Lisandrello) was read in relatively early allowing for a relation to blossom between her and Vincentís closest friend, J.T. Forbes, Ph.D. (Austin Basis). A brilliant biochemist and researcher J.T. has been instrumental for investigating the Beast phenomena. Once Tess was brought into the cabal of the knowing, he began a relationship with Tess. Typical of a sidekick archetype J.T. is injured on a regular basis gained powers only to lose them just as he is getting serious with Tess he backs out of their plans to move in together. This fear of commitment is pushed to unrealistic levels when J.T. is offered tenure at his university only to decline. His reason was his life priorities have drastically changed, and he feels he is meant to chase Beasts. Anyone familiar with the hierarchal construction of academia knows that tenure is the Holy Grail of university careers and no one would refuse it when offered.

The story lines concerning the partnership of Cat and Tess had become tedious and predictable. The way that this circumstance finally was remedied by promoting Tess to Captain elevating her to Catís immediate superior. Since such a dynamic is not permissible, a plot convinces was required to remove Tess as Catís boss. The cat was approached by a supervisory agent for Home Land Security offering her a position as an agent the first official action taken by Special Agent Cat was to take over the jurisdiction of the case. This simultaneously reestablished Catís leadership while having her joins an agency they were once actively avoiding. The number of significant changes so carefully infused in this season that a reasonable conclusion is that the showrunner was uncertain concerning the immediate future of the series. As the last episodes broadcast, the conclusion remained ambiguous until the very last possible moment. Ultimately a loose end remained to leave the story open for a later made for cable movie.

When the main antagonist, the ones behind the super solider program were finally vanquished the emphasis shifted to the government approaching Cat and Vincent to help monitor beasts with potentially dangerous abilities. Turning former adversaries into Associates is a well-established trope, and its execution here was much better than most implementations. The series potentially had one or two reasonably creative seasons left but after viewing it in its entirety it becomes apparent that the choice made had the best interest of everybody in mind. The cast and crew are all talented and holding on to them within the constraints of the same story are unfair to both them and their fans. Ending the series at this point opened the potential for their professional grown and excitingly new projects.

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Posted 12/08/2016

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