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Cyron HT1502 Home Theater Lighting System

Lighting, it may seem like the simplest part of putting together your home theater system but it is usually not planned well and often completely wrong. It is bad to watch television in the dark, this can cause a strain on your eyes and a lot of headaches. Lets face it most of the material in films and television today can cause enough of a migraine without adding to it with incorrect lighting. With projection televisions direct lighting or lighting in front of the screen will tend to wash out the picture. Windows usually require dark shards to prevent window light from entering the room. The problem with this is you need to find the right balance between the darkness your set requires and some light for your sake. Ideally back lighting is the best but you have already rearranged your room to accommodate all those speakers, equipment and wires. I have recently been introduced to what is just about the perfect solution, the Cyron Home theater system.

Cyron, Inc. has been one of the leaders in customized lighting for awhile now. They have imaginative lighting products not only for the home theater but also as architectural, landscaping and even automotive applications. I've been living with their HT1502 model for about a month now and I don't and it has made a dramatic change in my enjoyment of my system. Basically, the HT1502 is a system composed of two light strips connected to a little control box. The strips are set behind the television and give off a soft, gentle light while you are watching . Each light bar of the HT 1502 is 2" by 15" with sixty LEDs for illumination. There is also a smaller model, the HT902 that measures 2" by 9" with 36 LEDs.

Installation is extremely simple. The kit comes with assorted double sided tape. You just position the light bars on either side of the television about one to four inches from the edge of the set. For best results make sure the bars are equi-distant from the top and the bottom of the screen. In other words if your set is 60 inches high but 20 inches are the internal speakers at the bottom of the set you have to position the lights in the middle of the viewing area. In this case it would mean installing the light bars about 12.5" from the top of the set. I found the best way to go is to is to get some masking tape and roll it back on it self so it works as double sided tape. Experiment a little to find the most appealing position for your tastes. Once that is done you can use the supplied two sided tape to make it official. You use this tape to secure the actual mounting clips that will hold the light bars. Next you mount the junction box. This splits the wiring to the two light bars. Cyron really though about this little piece, they have room to expand to several additional sets of light bars. You might want to ad a little panache to your your receiver or speakers. The last part of the installation is to set up the controller box. This will allow you to select from one of the many modes of operation. It also contain a little microphone that permits the color to change with the audio.

There are seven modes available to both the HT1502 and HT902; three scan modes, three fade modes and a music mode. The scan modes move between colors at regular intervals. The fade modes slowing change from one color to the next. Each of these can be set for one of three times; 36, 18 or 5 seconds. The colors displayed are red, green and blue. With the fade mode there is blending of the colors. The option that is the most fun is the music mode. With this mode you set the sensitivity of the microphone on the controller box and as the audio nearby changes the colors will change colors.

After living with this unit awhile I am very impressed. Not only was it easier on my eyes but it gave my system a real professional touch. This is the best way I have ever encountered to solve the lighting problems for any home theater setup.

The cost of the HT1502 is $119.95 with $99.95 for the HT902. Extra sets of 15" lights are $37.95 with $24.95 for the 9".


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