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Dexter The Complete Series

Dismember the body clean, efficient cuts of the no traditionally; people are best able to enjoy their various forms of entertainment simplistic, a clear, solid line distinguishing heroes from villains. Arguably the greatest example of this is the classic Western has popularized in the 1950s. The good guys wore white pack and the bad guys at black ones. Then, the major studios in Hollywood decided it was time for change. The age of the antihero began. The ever vigilant to determined members of law enforcement, driven by honesty and a determination to serve, was slowly the slanted character such as Dirty Harry, San Francisco police inspector rather shoot first and ignore the paperwork later. This added rebellious action to genres that have been cut and dry formulaic ages. Without the clearly defined distinction between who to cheer and which characters they must jeer, the storyteller was liberated from the hidebound rules of previous generations. The protagonist of the story now could now assume almost role within the context of the tale. Once premium cable became a dominant driving force in home entertainment, there is now a venue to take the antihero concept to previously unattainable acceptance. One HBO shows such as ‘The Sopranos’, ‘Oz’ and most recently ‘Game of Thrones’, soared beyond the status of appointment television to the exalted position as a major contributor to the collective consciousness of the audience. While the hero still had to retain some semblance of honor the means that they use to attain their laudable goals frequently things that formally only the villain would be capable of accomplishing. At the peak of this trend the protagonist of the story were commonly outright criminals, continually breaking the law mitigated their mind I by their own justification. Although HBO is not to be ignored but this trend, the mastery of it fell to its rival, Showtime. There you could find a head nurse working in a hospital completely addicted to drugs and constantly cheating on her husband to a serial killer in Miami will be targeted the ‘bad people’, for the greater society. That is how the TV series ‘Dexter O’, Became One of Showtime’s most popular series.

The eponymous protagonist for the series was Dexter Morgan, brilliantly played by HBO alumnus, Michael C. Hall. For eight seasons this highly talented and versatile actor provided such incredible performances that each week, millions of faithful fans would tune in to watch his latest exports, what precisely, his latest victims. You enjoy working out of Miami since it has one of the largest rates of unsolved murder in the country. It also expedites his crimes that he works for the Miami/Dade County police force is a forensic criminologist ironically specializing in blood splatter. Considering his preferred method of dispatching those he deemed worthy of execution included dismemberment for easy disposal, Dexter had more than usual personal experience. I was told a friend of mine about the series and after basically the same synopsis as provided above, he told me that he would try watching the show based on his respect to my opinion, but he cannot see himself generating any interest in watching a serial killer literally getting away with murder on the basis. We can been watching the came back to me confessing that he was wrong, the sheer quality of the series was and he was now a dedicated fan of the series enticing. Every aspect of the series from the writing, direction, set design and, most importantly, the acting, was of such medical rising quality that you’re compelled to watch. As the years went by I was given an opportunity to review each season as it was released on Blu-ray. While my ranking of the individual seasons was lowered to some degree by my general distaste for the glorification of violence, I always really admitted that the artistic merits generated by the series were impeccable. Each of the eight seasons was given an all-encompassing title typically referring to the arch enemy exploited that set of episodes.

Season One: The Ice Truck Killer

Naturally, depends upon the first season to establish the baseline for the characters and set up the parameters for the various situations to follow. Here we meet some of the characters that remain important indexes like. At the top of the list this is sister Debbie (Jennifer Carpenter), police officer working from the same station house is Dexter. Dexter is a psychopath, psychologically unable to feel emotions or form any lasting bonds of love and friendship. When the police department to go around the world he puts on a façade to be friendly, man who remembers to bring donuts and to the station and quick to complement his coworkers matter workstation in the hierarchy they might occupy. As he explains in the first episode might be incapable of love but he was the one person you would love would be his sister. After being found in a freight car sitting in a pool of his mother’s blood is adopted by the first police officer on the scene, Harry Morgan (James Remar) will realize what his adopted son really was and since he is unable to change him, and he couldn’t bear to turn them into a certain execution or life imprisonment, this fall the developer is known as ‘The Code of Harry’, a litany of rules and guidelines created to keep Dexter from being discovered and captured it to channel his homicidal urges directing them towards a victim pool consisting of all the serial killers, rapists and other criminals would not stop until the lives were ended. As part of Dexter’s ritual incapacitates his victim moving them to a special ‘killing room’, a controlled and cold workplace we can accomplish his task and privacy. They are, before he dispatches his own brand of justice he confronts his target with the innocent victims the man on his table responsible for harming. It would then take a single drop of blood recut in his cheek, placing it on a microscope slide stored in a wooden box hidden in his air-conditioner back at the apartment.

This first seasonal antagonist with the Ice Truck Killer received that nom de guerre by his penchant for your killing his victims in a refrigerated truck. The low temperature prevented blood flow as he dismembered his victim. As it turned out the perpetrator was Dexter’s brother.

Season Two: The Bay Harbor Butcher

Despite the high unsolved murder rate it was inevitable that Dexter’s handiwork would be discovered. His preferred method of disposing the severed body parts was to take them out to see in his boat, The Slice of Life dumping them in the bay. Unfortunately, his disposal site has been found and quickly came to the attention of the FBI. Dexter found himself working on a task force to find the dreaded Bay Harbor Butcher, the name given to his alter ego. A point that had begun in the first season is enhanced starting with season two and moving forward. Dexter personifies his urge to kill as his ‘Dark Passenger’. This is not a completely alternate personality per say but rather, as the name implies, a strong coexisting aspect of his personality that demands to be sated by the lives of the victims. At this point no one really suspected Dexter of being a true killer with the exception of one detective in the station, James Doakes (Erik King). There’s been a cat and mouse game between the two of them that culminated with Doakes prepared to expose Dexter’s extracurricular activities. It is not unusual for such a highly intelligent psychopath to be exceptionally adept that manipulation. Dexter is able to alter the evidence and misdirect the task force that it worked like Doakes was the actual Bay Harbor Butcher . At the end everyone involved the ruse believing the killer was dead.

Season Three: The Skinner

In this season Dexter faces a truly heinous opponent known as The Skinner, Jorge Orozco (Jesse Borrego). He is on a mission to find a drug dealer named Fred Bowman a.k.a Freebo (Mike Erwin). Freebo owes Orozco a considerable amount of money. The process that Orozco employs to locate drug dealer is extreme even by Guantánamo Bay standards of enhanced interrogation. Orozco has a penchant for skinny alive in order to gain information as to the location of his prey. When the most significant features of the season concerns the growing relationship between and Rita Bennett (Julie Benz). It would seem very unusual for a decidedly handsome man such as Dexter not has a girlfriend, or for that matter, a boyfriend, he began seeing Rita in order to cover that anomalous behavior. He chose her because psychological damage resulting from a very abusive husband. Rita was unlikely to seek a physical relationship will become overly attached emotionally. She has two children both come to enjoy Dexter’s company. Unexpectedly, Rita becomes quite attached to Dexter and Dexter finds himself drawn to her to the eventually do get married.

Season Four: The Trinity Killer

This is one of the best seasons as far as addressing one of the main points explored by the series, how Dexter has the balance of the façade of a normal life the need to satisfy his dark passenger. It was difficult enough and Dexter were single for the only place he had to put on his ‘human mask’ was during the few social engagements he had to attend, in front of his sister Debbie, and work. His marriage to Rita meant that not only had living such an alternate life complicated by a wife he now has the responsibility of two small stepchildren. Despite his concerns over the unpleasant scenario them finding out, he has found that he has grown attached to in the stories of emotion close to love is begun to evolve. Another case of a serial killer brings in the FBI, a serial killer known as the ‘Trinity Killer’. Arthur Mitchell (John Lithgow). On a regular cycle he murderers a young woman in a bathtub, a middle-aged mother whom he coerces into suicide and a middle-aged father whom he bludgeons to death. What fascinates Dexter with this criminal is that Miller was able to balance murderous sprees withholding down in normal life that included a wife and family as well as being deacon for his church. Dexter manages to dispatch this villain is too late, had already slaughtered Rita leaving their son, Harry, sitting in a pool of here blood in a situation almost identical to the one that gave rise to his dark passenger. Now Dexter is a single parent responsible for three children.

Season Five The Santa Muerte Killer

One of the most unusual aspects of this season is that Dexter finds himself with an apprentice. Lumen Ann Pierce (Julia Stiles), a slightly built young woman that Dexter rescues a murderer only to wind up having to become attached to him. Lumen witnesses Dexter killing a person rather than being repulsed, driven to turn him in, she is fascinated and wanted to teach her how to get revenge, specifically on the man who molested her and almost killed. This is an intense situation to Dexter has been given an opportunity to watch the birth of the dark passenger. The discovery was a group of people joined by nefarious purpose that targeted Lumen. After they have been suitably dealt with Dexter watches as her dark passenger leaves her. In many ways this is the most imaginative ways to display Dexter’s origin story, as he watches it unfold in another person.

Season Six: The Doomsday Killer

Personally, I found this to be one of the most intensely interesting of the series. She was an exceptionally gruesome tableaux begin appearing all Miami. In each one the victim is part of the scene that depicts an aspect of the apocalypse is accounted for in the Book of Revelations. Travis Marshall (Colin Hanks) is brought into the investigation for his expertise as a conservatory in the Miami Museum of Art. It soon becomes evident that Marshall’s knowledge of painting and sculptors, particularly those with religious meaning, made him more than just a resource, it became logical to consider him as the main suspect. He is aided in his crimes by his mentor and university professor, James Gellar (Edward James Olmos). Every season had its own particular cat and mouse game as Dexter would grow closer to establishing the irrefutable evidence necessary according to the code of Harry before he could take action. The twist at the end of the season is done in such mastery fashion that most fans will be kept guessing until the final reveal at the end of the season. During production only one person, and heavily involved in the reveal, knew the truth. It’s great to have the series on Blu-ray this you will be compelled to go back to reach episode to pick up on the clues provided and to see how incredibly well they were planted.

Season Seven: The Koshka Brotherhood

For this season Dexter faces something completely novel to his experience, and Czech crime syndicate. Naturally they are all guilty of a variety of tillable crimes demonstrating sickening scope and abundance. The spark that ignites the powder keg occurs when one of the family members, Viktor Baskov (Enver Gjokaj, murders a stripper, Kaja Soroka (not credited). In order to cover up the crime Baskov murders Mike Anderson (Billy Brown), brought in to replace Debbie as a lieutenant after the handling of the case went sideways. Dexter was always hoping Debbie and her career advancement relying heavily on his particular unique source of information. At the end of this season and moment that Dexter has dreaded for his entire life is realized, Debbie catches Dexter in the act and realizes that he is a serial killer, the true Bay Harbor Butcher.

Season Eight: The Endgame

By the time the final season had appeared the concept of the antihero had been done by so many different networks as the basis for such a large number of shows that there was some public pushback about bad guys literally getting away with murder. This initiated a domino effect one serious after another made some attempts to bring their morally ambiguous eating characters to justice. Debbie had committed murder of a superior officer in the police department in order to cover Dexter’s secret. She is already left the police department, became a private investigator and returned to the department at the time this occurred. Debbie’s own moral code could not be reconciled with murdering somebody in cold blood, even if disabled brother. When she realized her true feelings towards Dexter, something conflicting with position as his sister, Debbie became so completely conflicted that she was about to break down. During this season Dexter also discovered that his father Harry had consulted a psychiatrist who helped him form the code of Harry. His last target would be someone else who was allowed to adopt the code. The ending is not satisfying to many people considering the overall strength of the series as a whole it fell short of giving it an ending that it so well deserved.



bulletThere’s a deluxe set that is boxed in a fuax wood container made to look like Dexter’s box of slides. Each disc set is in its own slide made to look like a drop of blood. This particular presentation has been discontinued but it’s rather easy to find units for sale. The current complete collection has all the seasons as well as the complete list of extras in a more traditional box. Each Season contains the additional material originally released. Below is the Collator’s extras.
bulletThe Evolution Of Dexter: The Cast And Crew Outline How Each Season Of Dexter Represents A Stage Of Dexter's Life
bulletThe Code: Interviews With The Actors Who Portrayed The Characters That Shaped Dexter’s Codes
bulletRubin Museum Of Art Special Presentation: An On-Stage Conversation With Michael C. Hall And Psychologist Kevin Dutton (The Wisdom Of Psychopaths)
bulletBehind The Scenes Of Select Episodes
bulletThe Making Of A Scene
bulletBlood, Guts and Body Parts
bulletDexter's Kill Room
bulletInterviews With The Cast And Crew

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