Doctor Who: The Return of Doctor Mysterio
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Doctor Who: The Return of Doctor Mysterio

For many people, holidays are particularly important for a myriad of reasons, but arguably the one producing the most significantly is the traditions that pertain to each holiday. Some of these traditions are widely observed such as the family gathering to decorate their Christmas tree or the Thanksgiving Day parade in New York City. Others, held by families usualllly incorporate nuances based on family history, for example, might be using Great grandmother’s serving tray at the holiday family feast. The category pertinent to this consideration occurs when a new affectation is those added to a previously established celebratory requirement. An example of this was implemented several years ago, by the BBC, the Doctor Who Christmas specials. Since the reboot of the series in 2005, a mostly self-contained story set on Christmas broadcast on December 25th. Typically, they are one off adventure by on several occasions the tone‘s establishment for the upcoming series or the introduction of new characters. The entry for 2016 was titled ‘The Return of Doctor Mysterio.' In keeping with the festive spirit associated with the season. In this instance, the themes are quite fanciful, arguably than usual. It also works to spoof the widely popular infatuation held by the public for costumed super heroes. The Doctor Who Christmas special greatly anticipated by the impressively large fan base that this series has amassed the last half-century. The special times for the showrunners playfully explore new directions for the show. This instance demonstrates the versatility of the series by introducing new concepts such as a costumed superhero with the perennially favorite archetype, the child who encounters The Doctor whose life is forever changed order to meet him again as an adult. The theme of the global invasion by extraterrestrials is juvenile to the story but presented in a nuanced fashion with aliens employing subterfuge in this direction rather than accumulating powerful armies.

The story begins in New York City on Christmas Eve of 1992. Grant (Logan Hoffman) is an eight-year-old boy living in an apartment house was awake in the middle of the night. As he turned to work out the window incredibly unusual site, a man dangling in front of his window, many stories about the street. Helps the man into the bedroom window introduces himself as The Doctor (Peter Capaldi). The old man explains his frantic matter that he was a device on the roof and accident set off a trap. The Doctor offers to allow Grant help him complete his project in the example most cosmic coincidences that are necessary to initiate the story; Grant happens to have a cold. On the roof, the boy watches as the strange old man goes busily to work. A glowing red gem catches Grant's eye that he believed to be medicine and swallows it. Will To the consternation of the Doctor it happened to be a very helpful alien crystal necessary to complete the device. It turns out to be a wish-fulfillment gemstone confers upon Grant an array of superpowers. Having to abandon his instruction, the Doctor leaves, but before doing so he makes the boy promise not to use his newfound powers.

The great thing about having a time machine is the protagonist in effortlessly glide through the decades returning to New York City in 2016 accompanied by his latest companion, Nardole (Matt Lucas), and odd pudgy cyborg used to work for the use of cheese Doctor’s wife, River Song. The Doctor has been investigating a multinational corporation, Harmony Shoals, which is a front for the race of aliens. He discovers that a young reporter, Lucy Fletcher (Charity Wakefield) was following a similar line of investigation. The detective work leads toward inclusion that is mundane for the Doctor that is an incredible surprise to Ms. Fletcher. The Corporation controlled by a group of extraterrestrial brains that transplant themselves into living creatures to provide the mobility necessary to further their insidious plans. Among the first to be inhabited is the company’s owner, the late Mr. Brock (Tomiwa Edun). The group was captured by another co-opted employee, Dr. Sims (Aleksandar Jovanovic). Suddenly the group is rescued by a superhero wearing the traditional tights and mask known as The Ghost (Justin Chatwin), who was a now adult Grant possesses his superpowers because he reneged on his promise concerning the use. In the persona of his secret identity, Grant is employed by Lucy as her ‘manny,' charge reporting after Lucy’s child. Borrowing a situation directly from Superman/Lois Ln., Lucy has a crush on the Ghost only considers a grant to be a nice guy.

When Grant gets back home, he finds the Doctor and Nardole waiting for him having to track by the extraterrestrial gemstones fused in his body. Later, Lucy encounters the Doctor again informed her of the aliens and their heinous plan to conquer the Earth. The methodology employed by the species is to insert their brains into the bodies of numerous world leaders and other people of significant authority. Making the situation immediately crucial in the Doctor uses his TARDIS aboard the alien ship. Then he discovers that the reactor used to power the vessel is on the verge of going critical. Their plan is to drop the exploding spaceship into the middle of New York City. The remainder of the Christmas special plays out in the same way as so many comic books that most of us have read throughout the years. There is a pivotal moment when the superhero is forced to reveal his identity to the beautiful reporter enamored of his heroic alter ego. Understandably, the most important difference is that none of the other superheroes saves the day stories were able to include the peculiar and exceptionally entertaining nuances used by Doctor Who. There is a campy undercurrent pervading the special episode bringing an overly familiar story seamlessly into a story line that extends back over 50 years.

Avid fans of comic books there is a myriad of Easter eggs throughout the episode. To be unbiased characters, all the elements of both Marvel Comics and DC comics are present. The alien headquarters post a globe on top reminiscent of the Metropolis Daily Planet building. The Doctor makes a reference to being bitten by a radioactive spider is a known means to gain superpowers. While counseling Grant the Doctor invokes the all-too-familiar phrase, "with great power comes great responsibility." These tongue-in-cheek references to a pair of perennial rivals in the comic book world expertly balanced with the necessity to maintain continuity with the ongoing saga of the Time Lord. Diehard fans of the Doctor they find themselves somewhat disappointed that the storyline presented here. The foundation of the story almost entirely focused on the superhero with the extraterrestrial gemstone providing a comic book appropriate origin story. At times I felt the presence of the Doctor came very close to being a classic McGuffin, one port within the context of the story as a plot device into the audience’s understanding of the story. While this classification admittedly is somewhat of a stretch, it does demonstrate the secondary position held by the titular protagonist of the series. Fortunately, this episode is sufficiently well written to the relegating the Doctor to the background comes across as completely natural. This plot device is significantly aided by how strongly the character of Lucy was crafted. There’s a scene when she questioned the Doctor utilizing a very annoying children’s toy as a prop. The real Lucy maneuvers the centuries-old Time Lord is one of the best written exchanges ever seen, at least for the twelfth Doctor. Lucy comes very near to getting the better of him in this verbal exchange. This may not be a typical episode of the series but then again, that has always been like Christmas in the TARDIS has always been so special.

Posted 02/18/2017

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