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DTS Discs:

Many people have expressed an interest in a definitive list of all DVDs featuring DTS audio. Well, Here it is. To improve your speed I have split the list up. I recently increase the spilt from two sections to four in response to a visitor's request.

Since there has been growing interest in the new Dolby and DTS formats I have a new list of ES and EX formatted titles. I have also removed the seven channel titles from the regular DTS list to avoid redundancy and in the realization that the EX and ES formats are separate from their six channel counterparts. The Superbit titles remain the same and since all of them are six channel DTS they are still in both lists. This split is due to a helpful suggestion by a visitor of this site, one that is greatly appreciated.

Please click on the below for the detail lists:

DTS List
EX List
ES List

Thanks to Michael's Movie Mayhem for the presentation of these lists.

Thanks to everyone visiting this site.

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