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Blu-ray DVD Player


One thing that is great about being part of the baby boomer generation is looking back at all the technological advances in the area of home entertainment. As a boy the latest break through was a black and white television with an 11" screen able to receive under s dozen channels. Most of the changes that have happened over the last few decades have been refinement, albeit incredible ones, of the same type of content. The first major paradigm shifts happened in the eighties with the wide spread acceptance of cable television and the home video recorder. The number of channels exploded and you no longer had to be in front of your television set when a show came on. A rival for the video market started with the advent of the internet so it was only a matter of time before home entertainment and home computing merged. The new models of Blu-ray players have bridged this gap better than many could have expected. One of the latest to blend the net and your home theater is LGís model BD-390 Blu-ray player. It not only represents a level of technology that would have been impossible just a few years ago but it will open up a world of new viewing possibilities. It is the biggest jump forward since the VCR. It not only is able to almost every type of CD, DVD and Blu-ray disc you have but it can connect to the internet to play films and television shows from Netflix, video from You Tube as well as music, video and pictures on your PC or external USB storage device.

The LG BD-390 is one of the latest innovations for watching your home theater. Now that the high definition wars have ended and Blu-ray is victorious it is time for most household are considering moving up to Blu-ray. It may seem like a daunting task but is actually extremely easy and the BD-390 makes it a snap. The full installation from opening the box to popping in the first disc was about twenty minutes with maybe another ten to fine tune some of the back end settings.


Full high definition 1080p

MKV , DivX , VC-1 , AVCHD , MPEG-2 , MPEG-4 , DivX VOD

Up conversion of standard DVDs to high definition

24 and 60 frames per second supported


DTS decoder, Dolby TrueHD , Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus , DTS-HD Master Audio



The best thing about this Blu-ray player is the inclusion of 802.11N compliant wireless networking. Naturally there is also a RJ-45 Ethernet connection if your player just happens to be close to your router. Many Blu-ray player have internet capability primarily for software updates and access to new Blu-ray ĎBD-Liveí online extras. I have reviewed many titles that sport these extras and they are much more interactive much more interactive and interesting than what has traditionally been available on standard DVD. Some I have encountered provide access to IMDB so you can look up the credits of actors appearing in the currently playing scene in the movie. With more on screen real estate provided by larger wide screen television many of these new features make use of sections of the screen dedicated to the additional content. The down side of these new software dependent features is the player has to load part of an operating system and applications when initially reading a Blu-ray disc. The LG-390 is noticeably faster in this than other Blu-ray players.

One of the things I love about player is the use of the net for content not related to a disc. They have a menu that provides access to Netflix, You Tube and several DVD purchase/rental services. Since I get most of my discs as screeners for review Iíve never personally used those features but I do regularly go to You Tube and Netflix. In the You Tube applet there is a menu to access most recent and most popular video as well as an easy to use search function. The Netflix interacts with your online account giving you full access to you immediate view items. This is really great when you donít want to dig through you collection or get up to put a disc in; just a couple of clicks and youíre watching a movie or TV episode. There is even an indicator to let you know when the material is in High Definition. The HD is about the same as the 1080i you get on cable but the Audio is typically in stereo. Sometime if the connection is weak you may be notified that HD is not available. I found that if you come out of your selection and try again the HD will come on.


Phillips BDP-7200

As a life long film and television buff I have been building my collection of movies and TV shows for decades. At first it was on VHS tapes and I thought that was wonderful at the time. Then in 1997 the DVD player came out and like most people my viewing habits changed forever. After years of watching my DVD collection grow and take over much of my apartment a new way of enjoying movies came on the scene; the Blu-ray player. This was a quantum leap forward for any fan of movies. It featured a high definition picture and new audio formats that made watching a disc a brand new experience. Contrary to what some people might say it not only plays all my old DVDs thanks to up conversion of the older format they look and sound better than ever as well.

My choice for a Blu-ray player was the Phillips BDP 7200. It is well priced and offers extremely good resolution and audio. Like many Blu-ray players it takes longer to come up and play a disc than the regular DVD. Mostly this is due to having to boot up a JAVA operating system that runs the machine. it is easy too navigate the menus and the number of options is fantastic. The new format offers a storage capacity of 50 gigabytes up from the 4.7 gigabytes that a DVD could hold. This translates to higher definition but more advanced extras, menus and other features.

Product Type Blu-Ray disc player
Form Factor Tabletop
Width 16.9 in
Depth 13.7 in
Height 2.8 in
Weight 9.3 lbs
Localization Canada, United States

Parental Lock Yes

Sound Output Mode Surround Sound

Media Format NTSC
Audio D/A Converter 24bit / 192kHz
Built-in Audio Decoders Dolby Digital
Media Load Type Tray
Supported Digital Video Standards H.264, MPEG-2, DivX
Supported Digital Audio Standards WMA, PCM, MP3
Upscaling Yes
Output Resolution 1080p, 480p, 480i, 1080i, 720p

Audio System
Digital Audio Format Dolby Digital output, DTS digital output
Dynamic Range 100 dB
Signal-To-Noise Ratio 120 dB

DVD Features
MP3 Compatible Yes
Additional Features JPEG photo playback, Progressive scanning

Remote Control
Type Remote control
Technology Infrared

Connector Type 1 x HDMI output ( 19 pin HDMI Type A )
1 x SPDIF output ( RCA phono ) - Rear, 1 x SPDIF output ( TOSLINK )
1 x 5.1 channel audio line-out ( RCA phono x 6 )
1 x Component video output ( RCA phono x 3 )
1 x Audio line-out ( RCA phono x 2 )
1 x Composite video output ( RCA phono )

Cables Included Audio cable, Composite cable

Power Consumption Operational 29 Watt
Power Consumption Stand by / Sleep 0.8 Watt
Power Device Power supply
Type Power supply
Power AC 120 V

Manufacturer Warranty
Service & Support 1 year warranty
Service & Support Details Limited warranty - Parts and labor - 1 year

Dimensions & Weight (Shipping)
Width (Shipping) 21.4 in
Depth (Shipping) 18 in
Height (Shipping) 7 in
Weight (Shipping) 14.1 lbs