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and ONLY Downloadable list of Region 1 DVDs

Just a little technical note. All additions to the database now require a valid UPC or EAN number. Thanks to my friend over at  Michael's Movie Mayhem over 99.95% of the UPC numbers are in the database, more codes and release dates are added often and updated to full list. We also now include the the EAN numbers that are replacing UPCs with some studios. Timestamps are included in the database to help make merging easier. The current number of titles in each list is noted in the chart below.

Due to limitations in the number of records that Excel can hold the Main XLS file is now split in five parts, each in a separate tab in the Excel file.
Format Main File


Weekly Changes


 Future Releases


New List Cycle Date
Excel Spreadshehet 06/18/2019
HTML Document 06/18/2019
Comma Separated Values 06/18/2019
Download Actors and Directors for the main list

Last Major Update: Saturday, June 22, 2019 04:05:13 AM EDT

To search the database please go to Michael's Movie Mayhem (Thanks Michael !!!!!)

As per your requests, keys to the codes used in the lists  Click Here

Michael also provides invaluable partnership in maintaining this monster of a database.  His support is greatly and graciously appreciated. Between the two of us and the SQL code for vetting the data we try our best to provide the most complete and accurate source of data around.

The database has undergone some changes, please click here for details.

To help with using this database here is a list of the field types and sizes.

This database is copyrighted and is provided for non-commercial use only. If you wish to incorporate the data in this list for any commercial use please contact me. If you are using the list for a non-commercial site please give a link to this site and acknowledge the effort that goes into this database. Contact me and and I'll add your link to my Link page.

Titles recently deleted from the list (as of 10/7/02) are here. Use this to keep your database in synch with mine using the ID field to find the records. Click Here. This ID field is unique to each DVD and should be used in maintaining your own database or list by merging records. If you have any questions or corrections for the database it helps if you include this ID number or the UPC in your email. You can now download the deleted records table by clicking here.

EAN numbers are like UPC numbers except they are 13 digits instead of 12. Before an EAN number is included in the database it undergoes the same verification, including a checksum, as we perform on the UPC numbers.

For Excel users: You can easily sort and restrict by any field by using the AutoFilter feature. Just go to Data then select Filter and choose AutoFilter. You will then have pull down menus for each field. For example, you can restrict the list to just Discontinued titles if you want. To view all upcoming releases restrict the view to those titles with 'Pending' as their status.

Since this is something Michael and I are currently doing mostly on our own some titles may slip through the cracks. If you know of any titles not represented on this list or any changes, corrections or updates to this list please let me know. I appreciate it.

New titles are added daily or when I get the announcements from the studio and the list is ZIPed and placed in the download area several times daily so keep checking back regularly. This list represents only titles officially announced and those confirmed by the studios, I usually wait for a UPC code to be issued. In some of these announcements, particularly the smaller studios, details are omitted. If you have any information please let me know so I can add it to the list.

I will be adding more formats as demand requires. If you need a specific format just write and I'll do everything I can.

I try my best to be responsive to the people who visit my site. A request has been made for deltas, or new additions and changes. These files will start on a Tuesday and run until the following Monday. So, if you download a complete file once on a Monday you only have to download the delta every Monday thereafter. The Cycle Date is the Tuesday that the current delta has started. Studio updates usually start coming in Monday afternoon with a large announcement usually in the middle of the week. Updates are usually posted mid afternoon (EDT) the day they come in or early the following morning Tuesday through Saturday. Please remember that the deltas contain not only the new titles but also titles that have had a change in release date or status. This includes titles that have been discontinued, cancelled or postponed. I placed a special field called update which is 0 if the title is new and 1 if the title exists in the main list but has changed.  If you need help in how to merge one file into another please let me know. The Complete file always contains all titles. This includes the titles in the current delta. So, don't download a complete file and a delta on the same day! If you download the complete file on Wednesday you only have to start with the deltas the next day, Thursday. Please remember that the deltas or new list changes frequently during the week. Updates and corrections are made seven days a week. Unless you have a very slow connection it is always best and simplest to download the complete  (AllList) file.

The New List contains the ID numbers used for the titles in the main list. This should make it easier to merge the new lists to an older full list. Titles in the All list without an ID number are still awaiting confirmation from the studios as to the exact technical specifications of the disc.

To search the downloadable database on line please use the below link.

movie20mayhem2.jpg (10432 bytes) Now Michael's site has great special lists of DVDs

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Thanks to everyone visiting this site.

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