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Watching DVD on Computers

One growing method of watching DVDs is on the computer. I am working on a full section describing this but for now here are the basic facts. Most new computers now come with a DVD ROM where the CD ROM used to be. While this drive can still play music CDs and read computer CD software it can also play DVDs. Aside from needing this type of drive you will also need a good sound card and a better than average video card and monitor. For the sound card there are many out there that support 5.1 sound. To fully enjoy this you will need the six speakers used by DVDs set around your computer desk. Many such cards also permit the sound to be sent to a home theater receiver. For a video card you need high resolution and optimally an output to your TV. In this way your computer can take the place of a DVD player. You also need DVD software on your computer. Windows ME comes with DVD software that permits options like screen capture so you can take a DVD video frame and make a computer picture from it. Many hardware companies also provide DVD software with their machines. Compaq is one. The provided software is often not the best and just permits very basic functions. You can also purchase DVD player software from several companies. If this is the way you watch DVDs please let me know. I would like to include your experiences in the new Computer DVD section.

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