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 DVD Audio

There are various types of sound reproduction used in DVD players. Here is an explanation of the most popular.

All of the sound systems described in these sections are for DVD players with Dolby Digital processors. Check the notes of individual DVD diskettes to see which system is used by a particular program title.

A new format for sound has been released by Sony through Colimbia/TriStar called Superbit. Here is the press release of this format:

The Superbit (TM) titles utilize a special high bit rate digital transfer process which optimizes video quality while offering a choice of both DTS and 5.1 Dolby Digital audio. All Superbit (TM) DVDs start with High Definition masters. The Superbit (TM) Collection will set a new benchmark in high resolution DVD image and sound, creating the ultimate in home entertainment. How does it work? By reallocating data normally used for value-added content, Superbit (TM) DVDs can be encoded at double their normal bit rate while maintaining full compatibility with the DVD-Video format. The result is picture quality that provides outstanding detail. Superbit (TM) DVDs play on all DVD players. We have done everything in our power to insure that The Superbit (TM) Collection is the most advanced DVD product on the market. Currently DVDs are encoded to optimize space for the feature plus added value and audio streams. The SUPERBIT (TM) collection reallocates and converts the physical space ordinarily devoted to added value to higher bit rate video transfer and both Dolby Digital 5.1 & DTS audio. Standard DVD Superbit BIT RATE: 3.75 BIT RATE: 7.3


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