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I have partnered with another DVD site to provide the ability to search the downloadable region one DVD data base. This takes a lot off my plate since the constant updates to the database take up a lot of time. Michael's Movie Mayhem has a complete search routine for both the full list and new releases. He also has links to IMDB and my reviews. Please chek it out. Great site run by a very helpful friend.

movie20mayhem2.jpg (10432 bytes) Now Michael's site has great special lists of DVDs

Overlooked Films On DVD
Independent Films On DVD  
AFI Top 100 Films On DVD  
BFI Top 100 Films On DVD  

I am also very pleased that we have another partner that can offer an extended search of other details of the DVDs in my list such as disc-details, movie synopsis, unique ids to setup direct linking to  amazon, barnes & noble, buy.com, cdnow and express.com. To access this search please visit them. They are DVDLister and they are an excellent site. They have also helped with the inclusion of UPC numbers and release dates into my database.

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Thanks to everyone visiting this site.

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