Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Just when the multitude of Harry Potter fan thought they had seen the last of the magical word he inhabited, J. K. Rowling pulls us back with a new novel quickly turned into a screenplay and migrated to the big screen. Ms. Rowling has kept her meticulously crafted world she created alive and thriving through her official website Pottermore. In aqddition, she created ancillary novels that directly expand the seven books comprising the definitive Potter saga while remaining completely consistent with the ground rules previously established. Loyal fans remain free to engage in conjecture about the post saga lives of the characters developed in the originally seen novels. These new works allow the fans a greatly enhanced appreciation and understanding of the world of magic. A mention of one of this book appeared on a list of textvooksin the main saga, ‘Fantastic Beasts and where to Find them,' written by the famed magizoologist, Newt Scamander. At the time of the main story, the audience’s introduction to Hogwarts this book was still considered the definitive source of information concerning the plethora of magical creatures that inhabit the world unseen by those without magic observed even by wizards and witches. Whenever are side projects appended to a well-established franchise the first question dominating the bands is quote is the story relate to the proper canon and if so what the proof of that claim is? We could be no more final blessing upon additional material that includedin this story. The novel written by Ms. Rowling makes her debut as creenwriter this film. The number of direct refrences to the original stoy were used permitting the story to stand on its own. Some connection to the main story is unavoidablle such as the mention of Prof. Dumbledore and Hogwarts University. This addresses one of the main concerns been well-kn Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them own, and beloved franchises extended. It is not an overly dependent upon the original material offering only a boring rehash of previously told events. Instead, it introduces fans to a new part of the world specifically how magic is handled here in the United States. The connections are used more as a means to contrast the subtle differences between magic on the two continents.

For this story, fans are taken back to 1926 where British wizard, Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne) is on the last leg of his transcontinental journey categorize the magical beast around the globe. He is carrying a valise that obviously contains some forbidden creatures. Considering this is magic the interior of the suitcase is exceptionally larger on the inside and is on the outside, one of the best attributes of the TARDIS with a convenient carrying handle. When open for inspection accustomed that magically reverts to neatly packed sundry items. As he walks through the streets of Manhattan Newt notices a crowd gathered around a woman, Mary Lou Barebone (Samantha Morton), evangelizing to the people standing before her. She is the founder of the New Salem Philanthropic Society, which is obsessed with the belief that there are magical beings, witches, intent on destroying our way of life. In English it would be considered a Muggle, a person without magical abilities to nomenclature here in the United States is slightly different with such an individual is called a No-Maj. Magical Congress of the United States of America (MACUSA) has become increasingly concerned about the reasoning being disclosed to the general public. This is because of the actions of a renegade dark wizard, Grindelwald. The inmate is in space raison d'etre, the complete disruption and ultimate this instruction of the magical community. By bringing magic out into the open the intense to start an all-out war between those with magic and those lacking such anilities

Newt becomes distracted in one of his magical creatures a Niffler, and all cross between a platypus and mole, with the marsupial couch that is infinitely expandable. Hide anything shiny that catches its attention. During the commotion suitcases inadvertently exchanged with an identical looking one owned by Jacob Kowalski (Dan Fogler) a non-magical worker at a canned food factory dreams of becoming a baker and opening up his shop. This case contains pastries and other delectable confections as a sample for his visit with the bank manager to obtain a loan. In the process of re-swapping, the cases Newt is forced to continuously transport himself one location to another taking a very perplexed Jacob along with them. The use of magic in public, although mostly unseen, is written this by Tina Goldstein (Katherine Waterston), a worker at the Magical Congress. The arrest Newt and takes him to the central facility. It turns out Tina was demoted recently from a position known as an Auror (a hunter of dark wizards), to a low-level civil servant job in wand registration. Tina’s charges against Newt are superceeded by matters of greater urgency, and Tina is dismissed by the President of the Congress, Seraphina Picquery (Seraphina Picquery) and Percival Graves (Colin Farrell), a high-ranking Auror and Director of Magical Security for MACUSA. He is responcible for the protection of wizards. Tina was still hoping that the blatant traction of those committed by Newt might be her way back to her former position. Discovering that some of the creatures had been able to escape from the suitcase she decides to help him recover them.

Tina sneaks Newt and Jacob into her place in a women’s only apartment house that she shares with her sister Queenie (Alison Sudol) was an exceptionally perverted and uninhibited young woman. She is also a Legilimens, someone who possesses the magical ability to read the reports and emotional state of a person. When she focuses on Jacob, it is evident that an emotional bond is rapidly forming between the two of them. Setting up the drawing room is a place for the men to sleep the night Newt waits until everyone’s asleep. He then takes Jacob deep inside his suitcase. It opens up into an incredibly large world of its own with a myriad of different habitats each different housing creatures from the very tiny twig like being to an immense Firebird called Fred. It is quite obvious that Newt is deeply bonded to each of them, loving and caring for them upset is how everyone in the reasoning community misunderstands them and perceives them as a threat. He has a notebook that he hopes to someday turn into a textbook to teach future generations the truth about these magically wonderful animals. Often one corner he has a globe that contains a dark smoke like creature, an Obscurus which forms when a person has to deny their true self and restrain their powers denying all forms of magical abilities Newt and Jacob returned to the real world to locate and re-apprehend the missing creatures.

The third act of the story is exceptionally difficult to describe. Certainly a synopsis of could be formed, but it would be completely insufficient in relating the true magic and wonder that the special-effects bring to this tale. Tina and Queenie uphold into the search just as Percival unleashes an Obscurus unbelievably large proportions. It begins to destroy the city, and during its rampage, it kills the eldest son of the owner and publisher of a newspaper, U.S. Senator Henry Shaw Jr. (Josh Cowdery). His father, Henry Shaw Senor (Jon Voight), draws on all his political and financial resources to find out what supernatural thing just murdered his son at this point the level of destruction is wide scale with hundreds of people watching firsthand irrefutable evidence of magic. What the president has stated most, irrefutable proof of magic has now been let loose in the non-magical world. Newt and Tina escape a death sentence and immediately begin to track down the last of the creatures allowing them to turn your attention to stopping the rampaging Obscurus. By this time there is obvious chemistry between Tina and Newt and Jacob and Queenie are rapidly falling in love. On the local laws of magic, it is for bidding for a witch or wizard to have any formal relationship with a No-Maj making any relationship between Queenie and Jacob illegal.

David Yates had previously directed all of the Harry Potter series from ‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’ until the last film in the franchise. Ms. Rowling is well known for maintaining a close working relationship with both the screenwriters and director of home movies, so she had a long partnership with Mr. Yates which was reflected in the impeccably tight crafting of this film. Despite the fact that this is the first screenplay provided by Ms. Rowling, she was intrinsically involved with every script for the original eight films. Overall this produced a movie that is a delightful addition to the thankfully still expanding franchise. In keeping with the format of the last two movies, this movie had been designed with 3-D effects in mind. I have rarely seen the illusion of depth used as subtly as seen here. During most of the film, depth perception maintained in a nuanced, natural fashion. Then, when one of the many action sequences is launched the audience is pulled into a sweeping journey through the on-screen environment. The importance of the 3-D effects explodes before the viewer providing a level of realism that is unparalleled among many of the action films using this technique.

One of the best decisions made from a narrative point of view is to set this movie in 1926. Contextually this expands the potential for the imagery to an exceptional level. The costumes indicative of the mid-20s is one of the most distinctive and unusual in history. Women were just beginning to claim their independence as individuals. This reflected in fashion to the infusion of ‘flapper’ styles around the close-fitting hats, short skirts and bore arms. This era was also one of active construction building some of the first skyscrapers in Manhattan. The so-called ‘Roaring 20s’ was a period of unprecedented change in the world. It only fits that this is reflected in the magical community by Newt’s dedication to having his magical creatures understood and not feared. In one respect this is a ‘plot coupon’ story dependent upon finding and safely recapturing each of the escape creatures. Newt’s love and devotion to these fantastic beasts are contagious and quickly infects Tina, Queenie and even Jacob about it on some sequels plan for this movie and once again the quality can be maintained I look forward to this magical world going on for the foreseeable future.

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Posted 04/06/2017

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