Greatest American Hero: Deluxe Set
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Greatest American Hero: Deluxe Box Set

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One thing that has really caught on with the public is the addition of extras to DVDs. For those of us that remember video tapes just having the audio and video excellence of the DVD format is usually enough but many studios releasing DVDs try to give the customer something special. Occasionally, this takes the form of some packaging gimmick such as a special box or some little comic book added to make the set more appealing. Anchor Bay has now set the bar higher than ever with the release of the deluxe box set of the cult classic television series from the eighties, ‘The Greatest American Hero’. I have literally thousands of DVD obtained in my role as a reviewer including many special sets, collector’s editions and deluxe sets. This set of Greatest American Hero is by far the best I have seen so far. In fact it replaces my collector’s edition of Scarface released in a faux cigar humidor as the best around. The set has a retail suggested list price of $99.98 which may seem pricey but the actual street price is about $60 and for the many fans of the series it is well worth it.

The Container

The first thing that impressed me about the set is the sheer weight of it. The package is a sturdy metal box that reminded me of the old time lunch boxes we used to carry to school back in the day. This is not the usual flimsy metal box that some box sets come in but a real substantial container. The cover is hinged, a nice touch and inside are treasures for any true fan. There is a ribbon that allows you easy access to the contents so you don’t have to dig around to get to the goodies.

The Discs

No matter how good the extras are what really matters is the actual DVDs. This set contains all the discs found in the three individual season sets, 13 in all. That’s four for season one, six for season two and five for season three. They appear to be the exact same discs and cases as used in those original releases. This includes all 43 episodes of the series as well as the long sought after pilot ‘The Greatest American Heroine’. You will also find the same booklets that accompanied the origin discs in their respective sets.

The Cape

For real GAH fans we all know about the super suite and the fact that it came it a cape. Included here is a full size cape with the GAH logo on it. Unfortunately, it also has the words ‘Greatest American Hero’ on it which does detract from the authenticity. Jus tin case you have a little too much faith in the Green Guys and to keep the Anchor Bay legal department at ease there is a disclaimer pasted to the bottom of the container. It warns "does not guarantee power of flight". So, don’t put it on and expect to beat rush hour traffic by taking to the sky.

The Logo

There is a retro iron on transfer of the GAH logo so you can turn a red tee shirt into the super PJs. I have a friend who plans on scanning the logo into his computer so he can make his own transfers and keep the integrity of the set intact.

The Instruction Book

As any fan of the series knows Ralph lost the suite’s instruction book provided by the Green Guys. Actually he lost two copies. Now you can be one up on our fearless hero and have your own copy. The book opens up to reveal a table of contents in the alien language. Tilting the book slightly turns the letters into English and lists his powers. There are tabs to the chapters but other than the first page the book does not open. There is an on/off switch on the back to turn on the lights in the book and directions on how to change the battery. Along with the cape and the logo you will be the hit of the next science fiction convention walking in with the book in hand.

In all this is a great deal for fans. Only 20,000 copies are being made so get yours while they last. The top of the container has a sticker that list which copy you have. Anchor Bay also has an autographed picture of William Katt in 200 random sets so you have a chance to get even more here. If you haven’t gotten around to getting the three season sets don’t wait any longer, it won’t get better than this. Even if you do have the individual sets get this one, it is a must have.

Posted 10/9/06

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