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In the computer world, many people like to search for hidden features in programs and operating systems. Since many of these people (including myself) now own DVD players, it was only a matter of time until the search began for similar hidden features on DVDs. The search was not in vain. Many such hidden features, from the spectacular to the mundane, have been found.  In this section I will not only try to identify some of the hidden features, commonly called easter eggs, but also provide a few tips for locating your own.

Please drop a line using the Feedback to report any features you find, add any tips to locate them or just to make general comments or suggestions. If you make a suggestion that appears here you will receive credit for it.

Locating Hidden Features:

If you have a DVD drive on your computer this task is a bit easier. Start by moving your mouse around the screen and take note of anything that is highlighted. This is especially useful in elaborate animated menus but has also been seen to work on rather simple menus as well. Look for something that is not part of the menu that highlights. For example, the menu itself may be presented as a list or words on a background. Check objects in the background to see if you can select them. If you know something about the movie look for objects that held some importance in the film. For example, on the Alien DVD one sub menu has a pool of acid. The acid burning  through the deck was a dramatic moment in the film and sure enough, the pool of acid in the background is selectable and leads to a hidden feature.

If you have a DVD player you can do the same things only it may take a little more time. Experiment with the directional or arrow keys on your remote. Start at the top of the first menu and try moving in each direction. If the menu looks like it onlys permits movement from left to right, try the up and down arrow keys at every selection. If the normal flow is up and down try left and right at every selection. The trick here is to attempt to move off the usual menu selections. You can't beak anything by using the arrow keys so be creative! Have some fun with it but most important, be patient.

Some hidden features are a bit more tricky than others. Some can only be activated if some event has occurred before trying the feature. For example, some hidden menu selections are only activated after you have visited the menu, moved to a specific selection on the menu and returned to the menu once again. Take some notes as to the combinations you have tried.

Some studios like to use the same or similar objects to view the hidden features. The studio logo is always a good place to try. Another popular place to hide features is in a list of films one of the actors has appeared in. Many times you will see a simple list of movies or filmography. Try highlighting each item of the list. Sometimes they will provide a trailer for that movie.


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