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Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone Easter Eggs

The second disc of Harry Potter is full of extras, many which require completing a task ro getting something done in the right order. Here are some of them, just don’t blame me if you find the extras a bit lacking.

Lets cut to the chase, most of you want to see the deleted scenes. Here is what has to be done.

Go to Diagon Alley. To get in you have to select the brick in the same order as Hagrid did in the film. Don’t worry, if you fail a few times it will let you enter anyway.

Select the sign for Gringotts. Arrow down to highlight the key first and select it.

Now select the Gringotts sign.

Arrow up to the exchange rate to get your money.

Go back to the alley and go to Ollivander’s Wands. This is random, after all the wand
selects the wizard. After a few explosions you will get your wand.

You can visit Eeylops Owl Emporium to learn a bit about three species of owl but it is not necessary for the puzzle.

From the Hogwarts Grounds there are two ways to proceed.

Select Potions

Select the mortar and pestle

You will be asked three questions about the potions, they are the questions Snide asked Harry in the film. Here are the answers:

Sleep of death portion: Wormwood and Asphodel

Antinite: Monkshood and Wolfsbane

To remove a boil: Snake fangs and porcupine quils.

Next, select the round yellow flask.

You then have to get the right flying key. It is the small one in the center of the screen. Don’t worry, if you miss four times in a row the key will move to the exact center of the screen and become very large. Select it.

You now get the menu for the deleted scenes.

If you want to go in through the dreaded third floor from the grounds menu select the owl pedistle and then up arrow to the ‘H’, highlight and select.

Next you have to get pass Fluffy. Select the flute at the far right. From there follow the instructions above for the flask and keys.


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