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One of the hottest themes currently dominating science fiction is the singularity. This is arguably one of the most utilized terms in the scientific vocabularies with distinct uses in quantum physics, astrophysics, and computer science. The denotation that defines the context of the film under consideration, íBoy’, refers to the theorized point in time when technology supersedes biological systems. Whether the argumentation occurs because of artificial intelligence, biochemical enhancement of cyborgs the resulting plot devices are the same. A person of common origins and mundane disposition altered through some cutting technology, or bizarre accident is enhanced, expanding their perception and control of reality beyond anything usually obtainable to a human being. The crux of the story juxtaposes this popular plot device with an off-genre, young adult fiction. It is geared towards one the coveted demographics ever, the 15 to 25-year-old members of the audience. One particular decision of casting has been called stunt casting by some by some, but it is a very talented young woman expanding her artistic range by moving out of the comfort zone of her most notable role. This does, of course, refer to Maisie Williams who became a household name as one of the primary point of view characters in HBO’s juggernaut series, ‘Game of Thrones.' Here the story posits the idea of a teenager who merged with his cell phone. By now we have all witnessed teenagers with their cellular seemingly attached to their heads, powered by some inexhaustible power source. It is reasonably certain that many would relish the idea of merging brain with the device and I suspect that a substantial percentage wouldn’t be able to notice the changes. ÍBoy’ is the latest in a growing number of independent films produced by the streaming video service, Netflix. Their penetration of the market featuring original programming has increased exponentially with respect handily keeping pace. They are currently well respected as a source of creative and ingenious films and television projects. This movie is an example where of a made for Netflix movie that might not be among the award-winning caliber many of their projects have achieved, but it is a solid example of solid entertainment they produce.

Tom (Bill Milner) is a teenage boy trying his best to navigate the treacherous process of coming of age in a gang controlled neighborhood in London. It is made a bit easier by his best friend, Danny (Jordan Bolger). Danny easily falls into the role of protector concerning Tom. It gives me so phone and encourages them to begin a relationship with Danny’s longtime best friend, Lucy (Maisie Williams). Circumstances seem to be favorable towards this idea when Lucy asked Tom the help her with her studies. When the setup of the movie is this idyllic, it is certain that something is going to go terribly wrong extremely quickly. As Tom gets Lucy’s flat, he sees Lucy’s brother unconscious in a group of bugs in masks existing Lucy’s room. They’re just taking turns raping her while recording the attacks on video for future amusement. Tom turns to flee to get the police but a shot in the head by the thugs. Days later he awakens from his coma, and the doctors informed Tom that shrapnel from his cellular phone had been embedded in his brain. Later that day Tom realizes that the embedded circuitry has altered his thinking and perception. He is now able to hear telephone conversations and visualize digital signals. Fans of the science fiction television show but recognize this ability as one possessed by a member of the TV show ‘Alphas,' only that character was born with a disability is a mutation. Tom is now cybernetic the enhanced human being, the embodiment of the singularity. It is a bit of a stretch how fast he masters his abilities but such time dilation is excusable since it does achieve the desired effect of expediting the story. Tom uses his abilities to identify the people who attacked Lucy intending to track them down one by one and make them pay for their crimes. Lucy has withdrawn completely into herself almost never leaving her flat interacting with any of the people. The only one she allows into life and home this Tom they routinely spend time together. Thanks to Tom Lucy has been working towards being able to have dinner with him outside her flat.

Tom uses his newfound abilities to track the thoughts that that the break-in following the lead up to the boss gave the orders to attack Lucy. He identifies the leader in makes the foray into his home. Once there he destroys on his electronics and steals a sizable cash of cocaine hidden there. He uses the drugs to his best advantage planting them all members of the gang before calling the police. As his initial goals are met, decides to continue his crusade as a vigilante going up the other gang members and drug dealers. The assumed the identity of iBoy; he texts his exploits to Lucy who then posts them online making Tom and his persona of IBoy and Internet sensation. Tom’s life achieves a façade of normalcy as he seems to fit seamlessly into his new role. A predictable result the gang leader is a high level named Ellman (Rory Kinnear). He is the one who is going to let your location and having his plan derailed by a teenage boy taken lightly. This target is vengeance against Tom anxious to see the young man crushed for his interference. This permits the familiar plot contrivance of the burgeoning young hero. Having defeated the low-level ‘soldier criminals,' now it turns out that he must face the criminal mastermind, even though much of the action is telegraphed long before it occurs the steady pacing and highly efficient performances basic easy to overlook some of the technical flaws that are found in this production.

Maisie Williams has overhead six seasons on Game of Thrones. She has convincingly changed her perceived persona in the show from the tomboy Princess to a ruthless assassin. Ms. Williams has been avoiding typecasting while simultaneously expanding her control of her craft. She is taking independent roles mostly in small films; several rich have a technological theme such as this movie is one broker of watching ‘Cyber Bully.' She has also had a crucial character art in the mining series of the BBC long-lived sci-fi series, ‘Doctor Who.' She confuses a nuance into this portrayal that is subtle so highly effective that homework in this movie keeps your group to the screen. Her costar, Mr. Miner, has been cautiously gaining experience in several independent films and short movies. So far, his most notable role is as the young Magneto in ’X-Men: First Class.' Despite the over-reliance on familiar tropes and character stereotypes it embraces them carefully building upon the audience’s feeling of familiarity to avoid the cloudy and frequently redundant details of an origin story. Taking this path streamlines this portion of the narrative effetely streamline the narrative. Netflix has been selectively building a reputation for producing angst-ridden superheroes with their unique portion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as part of their rebranding themselves as a major studio competitive in both film and television.

The level of violence is beyond what would be acceptable for traditional broadcast television networks but consistent with the use of mature themes permissible with streaming video services. Ultimately this is a tightly crafted exploration of the darkest corners of the human psyche filtered through the angst fuel emotional state of an adolescent. Vengeance is often considered a motivation restricted to humanity yet in the context of this story the young cyborg finds his raison d'etre collapsed leaving this as his only incentive and his tenuous connection to his human nature. As his powers grew, Tom eschewed the familiar comic book mantra regarding great power and responsibility. He is not concerned with justice merely hurting those responsible for defiling Lucy. The lack of polish in the production serves well and might even be by design. It confers an integrity and sense of realism to the presentation of the story. The premise is innately implausible. To posit random fragments of a cell phone embedded in the brain not only failing to cause debilitating even fatal injuries but imparting such amazing abilities. The emotional intensity grounds the film pulling the audience inexorably into the plight of the characters,

Posted 05/05/2017

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