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Jason Bourne


There are some film franchises that despite repeated announcements of its conclusion continue to resemble the final concert tour of the Rolling Stones. One that is still holding on is the superspy with extreme memory loss, Jason Bourne. Originally based on a series of espionage novels by Robert Ludlum, has now taken on a life of its own. Impressively forceful personality of Bourne so well defined in the minds of his fans that the firm before one of the considerations here, ‘The Bourne Legacy,' was set in the same universe and referred to him quite frequently although the character does not appear on the screen. Matt Damon returns to his iconic role yet once more in the film simply named ‘Jason Bourne.' This is the fifth installment of this franchise placing it among the more successful action franchises, of course excluding the high watermark for espionage movies, ‘James Bond.' It is doubtful that any franchise involving spies ever exceed the longevity and box office of 007. Once again Jason is on the run from the CIA, a state of affairs perpetuated throughout the entire series. The fundamental narrative of this film is a direct sequel to the third, ‘The Bourne Ultimatum,' entirely skipping over those above ‘The Bourne Legacy, becoming a device in movies are less than popular offerings, and the franchise is either ‘reconned’ out of the continuity or mostly ignored. There’s a trademark aspect of franchises there except extremely rare cases is inevitable. This effect is referred to the dilution effect is most frequently observed in horror the franchises. Fortunately for the filmmaker within that genre, there’s a greater acceptance in the fan base to declining quality as long as the body count and little or continue to increase. The same is not applicable espionage franchises. Most of the devotees of the genre demand the underlying story to continually grow as hidden agendas of all the mysteries become deeper and more intricate. The demand for character development is far greater than anything found in a series of movies based on the ‘slash and dash’ formula. This point in the story is where the Jason Bourne films have fallen short. In an interview with Jon Stuart, Matt Damon noted that the next installment of the franchise should be called ‘The Bourne Redundancy,' it appears that screenwriters have assisted that comment is becoming a reality.

One of the most important driving forces behind all the Bourne films was his amnesia. He was a man who is of course exceptionally well trained in all forms of armed and unarmed combat; lose muscle memory kicks in allowing him to vanquish enemies of overwhelming strength in numbers. This form is more than just an addition to an ongoing series and represents a revival of the franchise. Previous had been an attempt to transfer the base of the story to Jeremy Renner allowing Matt Damon to pursue other projects. There were even provisions for Mr. Renner to be excluded from his involvement in the incredibly successful Marvel Cinematic Universe of involvement in such an ongoing project is difficult for any actor to leave such a juggernaut. In this rebirth of the franchise, Jason Bourne has fully regained his memory. After all, that was unsustainable plot device with many fans of the opinion that has gone on too long over three films. His memory intact in full access to his skill set is no longer forced to contend with the black operations directive known as Operation Blackbriar. The story picks up about a decade after the third film with Bourne withdrawing from the world and living in Reykjavík traveling to the Greek-Albanian border where he ekes out a living participating in illegal fight rings. Unfortunately for Jason but necessary for there to be a story, his days of isolation are about to come to a conclusion.

Former technical analyst and Treadstone contact for the CIA, Nicky Parsons (Julia Stiles) has been collaborating with the group of hackers led by Christian Dassault (Vinzenz Kiefer), a hacktivist made it possible for Nikki to hack into the CIA’s mainframe and obtain information that would expose an extensive black ops program. During that illicit cyber excursion, he also came across documents detailing the recruitment of Jason Bourne into the Treadstone program. It also provided information as to own father’s involvement. One aspect of this movie that I did enjoy is that finally Julia Stiles is elevated to a more substantial role, but unfortunately it turns out to be short-lived. Nikki decides to travel to Athens to inform him, but that sets off several system intrusion alerts telling Heather Lee (Alicia Vikander), the head of the CIA's cyber ops division, and CIA Director Robert Dewey (Tommy Lee Jones). Bourne had been informed though Nikki’s need to meet with him and caught up with her in Greece during an antigovernment protest that turned violent. The CIA had dispatched teams to apprehend them which they managed to evade, but in the process, Nikki is killed by an ex-Blackbriar program assassin known as ‘The Asset ‘(Vincent Cassel). This deadly operative has a personal grudge against Bourne because during the aftermath of the fall of Blackbriar he was captured and tortured.

At this point, even the most diehard fan is going to have the disheartening feeling that pages from Scripps in the past films were tossed on the floor and gathered up to produce this movie. There’s almost nothing that it contributes to the further meant of the ongoing narrative for the development of the character of Jason Bourne. Typically, the erosional quality of a series of films such as this is at least partially attributable to changes in behind the camera talent, particularly the director and screenwriter. However, this is not the case in this instance. Filmmaker Paul Greengrass was at the helm for both ‘The Bourne Supremacy’ and ‘The Bourne Ultimatum,' as well as the recent Tom Hanks vehicle, ‘Captain Phillips.' This is demonstrative of the fact that the man does have artistic skills specifically and exceptionally tense, dramatic action movies. It is disappointing that you had so little too on this film. Many of the critical community attributes is taking over of the franchise from Doug Liman after the original movie as ultimately saved the entire series of these movies. He has an immersive, kinetic style that is ideally suited for such a fast pace story as this. The history probably attributed helping to redefine the format for subsequent action films.one thing is sure; this storyline affords Mr. Bourne with a substantial number of frequent flyer miles. It has become stand plot contrivance that instead of a solid plot a rapid tour of recognizable landmarks in the world’s most prominent cities will suffice. Behind Bourne’s ‘Global Conspiracy Tour ‘16’ is the usual assassin holding a grudge is once again brought out. In an attempt to infuse a modicum of contemporary relevance to the proceedings the other antagonist plotting the demise of the once forgetful master spy script introduces us to Aaron Kalloor (Riz Ahmed), a cyber billionaire who founded a popular form of social media, Deep Dream’. Director Dewey is anxious to take over its resources by invoking the all-powerful directive of National Security. At this point enthusiast of the genre has been exposed to these plot contrivances on an increasing frequent schedule.

In the final analysis, this movie has become the epitome of the phrase ‘more sizzle than steak.' The appeal of this installment is best appreciated by fans of the series that are driven by a need for completion. Those people who are compelled to collect every part of a set regardless of the quality. People of this predilection are most susceptible to the phrase "collect them all" and more than likely have shelves filled with every Star Wars figure or each issue of a set of graphic novels. Others might feel it would be best to forgo this flick and choose to remember Jason Bourne at his peak.

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Posted 12/18/2016

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