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JBL Decade D38 Speaker Systems


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I used to have Bose speakers but they blew out. Although disappointed, this provided the opportunity to purchase a set of matched speakers for my front and rear speakers. I choose the JBL Decade D38 model mostly because I live in an apartment and larger speakers would be a waste and can wait until I move my family into a house. It's so tacky to have the police come over while watching a DVD! The D38's have three speakers in in unit. A tweeter, mid-range and a good size woofer.

The advantage here is to have the same speakers for the front and back. Also, since there is a smooth response over the full sonic range the sound is much more balanced. The sub woofer can still handle the special effects and ultra low frequencies but the four speakers for the front and back can now produce a full range.

Now that I've lived with the speakers for awhile and had a chance to listen to a variety of sources on it I can better provide review. The speakers provided an excellent, full range of sound over all frequencies. I noticed a lot of details that were not audible with my former Bose speakers. This was particularly true with the very high and lower frequencies. Since my center speaker is now smaller I did have to boost the gain to it in order to recapture the full center feel. I also could just set the gain to all four speakers the same reducing the hassles inherent in trying to balance different front and rear speakers. The Decades were able to truly reproduce all frequencies even with low volume. This is important to me since I very a lot of movies rather late at night. (I work off hours) The sound was rich and full. The sound field was much more balanced. The sub woofer seemed to become more omni-directional since the normal low range frequencies were now being handled by the front and rear speakers. This resulted in a far greater realism to the sound field. 

Product Specifications:

bulletSensitivity dB @ 1m/2.83V:92
bulletImpedance (ohms):8
bulletBass Driver:8"
bulletMidrange Driver:4"
bulletHigh Frequency Driver:2"
bulletPower Rating:10 - 175 watts
bulletDimensions HxWxD:16 3/4 x 10 3/4 x 12"
bulletFrequency Response:50 - 20kHz
bulletWeight: 17lb per unit


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