Killjoys: Season 2
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Killjoys: Season 2

Every television genre has taken advantage of the incredible advances in technology throughout the years. The incredible increase in resolution and introduction of multichannel audio has brought a degree of realism almost every television series from the familiar half-hour sitcom o the most emotionally intense medical drama or police procedural. Science fiction has matured beyond a self-contained genre to an adjunct category providing a platform to tell a different type story better. ‘Killjoys’ set in a galaxy far away, the series follows a group of interplanetary bounty hunters refer to as Killjoys, that execute legally issued warrants of various levels of difficulty. They can range from anything from ensuring the safety of the VIP to bringing back a heinous is criminal justice. The series is about to enter the third season so, by the dominant marketing plan, the DVD/Blu-ray release has just occurred. ‘Killjoys’ is one of a pair of TV series posted on the SyFy channel that takes a futuristic approach to the crime thriller. Both are concerned with the deep space fugitives this series revolving around the demand side of the equation while ‘Dark Matter’ relating the supply portion of this traditional marketplace. Series is a realistically texted, subtly nuanced story. There is a meticulously crafted juxtaposition of various aspects of the story that together form incredibly synergistic form of entertainment capable of appealing to an eclectic range of audience members. On a space opera foundations elements of political intrigue, corporate greed and an oppressive plutocracy ruling over a subjugated working class. Although there are missions and objectives handled on an episodic level, neatly resolved by the end of the episode, the majority of the story has been building since the beginning of the first season. The pieces are placed together in the fashion of an intricate jigsaw puzzle leaving the audience to attempt to fit the various elements together long before the picture is recognizable. Appreciation of the story maximized by familiarity with the first season, but the writing is of such quality that continued expository information is provided to get the newest viewer up to speed.

The first season was rigid descriptive information introducing the characters and complex sociopolitical strata that dominate a group of planets designated as ‘The Quad Capital.' The General Organization known as ‘The Company,' is the research and development business specializing in a broad range of goods and services specifically cybernetic modification human beings. But individuals commit a crime all on breach of contract with the company a warrant can be issued to apprehend them. Teams of people officially known as reclamation agents are released by warrant brokers accumulate and categorize them. Collectively the organization is referred to as the Reclamation Apprehension Coalition or informally RAC. The field agents of the Killjoys will operate on different levels of ability and security. The highest official level is Level 5, authorized to use the force and is exceptionally adept at delivering it. The team serving as our protagonist consists of Level five leader, Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen), who is legal in combat in a brilliant strategist. It also turns out that she is a member of the ‘Nine Families’ that rule the Quad.' She is joined by a pair of brothers, Davin (Luke Macfarlane) and Johnny (Aaron Ashmore) Jaqobis. Davin is ex-military and subjected to experiments by a ruthless scientific faction within the company which is enhanced his fighting abilities making him lethal to a secretly created highest level of combat ability, Level 6. They are virtually immortal and of the most dangerous and successful assassins ever known. Johnny is an incredibly gifted engineer and computer scientist who has a special report on the artificial intelligence of their ship, Lucy (voiced by Tamsen McDonough). Revealed through carefully planned and executed unfolding of the plotlines; the team discovered that there was an intricate conspiracy that was perpetrated by the Nobel Families and an intricately woven plot perpetrated by a rogue faction within the RAC. They were covertly producing their army of Level 6 operatives. The particular interests of the dominant factions intersect sufficiently to assure a modicum of cooperation. The Company was using the poorest region as unwitting test subjects for mass mind control and population subjugation. A force field was erected around ‘Old Town’ as the Company delivers rations poisoned with their psychotropic substances.

The Super Solider program, code name ‘Red 17’ was altering the genetic and biochemical composition of the subjects/victims. During their mission to save Old Town a medical doctor and resistance sympathizer, Dr. Illenore Pawter Seyah Simms (Sarah Power), murdered by members of the nine Royal families, the Qreshi. She had been linked romantically with Johnny who was devastated by her murder Since Davin was part of an off shoot of Red 17, he is determined to track down that portion of the plot. Dutch, as a member of the nine and technically an influential royal, attempts to use her background to infiltrate that segment of the pervasive conspiracy. She is also involved with the Red 17 project, groomed by one of the project leaders and her mentor, Khlyen (Rob Stewart). One of the first to achieve Level 6, he has been providing advanced training to Dutch giving her the skills and tactical abilities to be far more deadly that any Leve 5 Killjoy. Advancing from second tier characters to the status of the crucial supporting cast are Prima "Pree" Dezz (Thom Allison), the flamboyant owner of Old Town’s most popular bar, the Royale. He is fiercely loyal to Johnny, Gavin and Dutch possessing numerous, exceedingly helpful underground contacts. Another prominent adjunct to the group is Alvis Akari (Morgan Kelly), a Monk. His order is referred as ‘Scarbacks,' due to their ritualistic practice of self-flagellation. His order is ancient with access to knowledge otherwise long lost in the centuries. They are among the most ardent members of the resistance.

Typically many television shows composed of a mélange of genres fail for a simple reason. They come across attempting to be all things to all of the different fans, while Killjoys consists of portions derived from ‘Wanted Dead or Alive,' ‘Covert Affairs’ and ‘Battlestar Galactica’ it never loses sight of the all-important goal of retaining a unique identity, a definitive narrative voice of its own. Similar to a meal in a five star restaurant that utilizes methodologies and ingredients from several classic dishes, the appeal generated is truly distinctive. The critical factor that allows this approach to succeed as well as it does is the tangible chemistry retained by the entire cast, an observation extending beyond the principle cast binding the whole ensemble. The actors have the opportunity to explore the nuances of the characters entirely. This affords the freedom to forge a fulling formed an individual. The level of technology is advanced from ours, but its availability is highly dependent on the social strata of the people. This retains a feeling of the resistance as the underdog, deserving of the loyalty of the audience.

Posted 04/12/2017

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