Known Easter Eggs
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Known DVD Easter Eggs

Here are some features found by myself and others. Please drop a line if you have any questions, additions, comments or problems. Feedback

I only list features here that I have personally verified, many have been listed on several other sites on the web. I have a lot to go through so please come back often to check on new additions.

Firefly: The Complete Series

On the last disc in the set (the special features disc), from the Main Menu, access the 2nd age. Highlight 'Joss sings the "Firefly" Theme' and press RIGHT. A logo should become highlighted on the right side of the screen. Select it to reveal a clip of Adam Baldwin singing!

Lord of the Rings

With both extended versions Disc One has a little something care of MTV.

bulletGo to Scene Selection Menu
bulletSelect the last group of chapters
bulletHighlight the last chapter
bulletHit <down>
bulletA golden ring will appear
bulletSelect the ring

For Fellowship you see a satire of the Consul of Elrond featuring Jack Black and Sara Michelle Geller. On the Two Towers disc you see Gollum's acceptance speech for the MTV 2002 movie awards. You can also select title 3 chapter 1 to get to these scenes.

Finding Nemo

Disc One:

Dory and Bruce

bulletGo to bonus features menu
bulletClick on visual commentary
bulletHighlight the aquarium icon
bulletPress <Up>
bulletThis should highlight the green fish
bulletHit <enter>


bulletGo to bonus features menu
bulletClick on visual commentary
bulletHighlight the aquarium icon
bulletPress <left>
bulletClick on the green fish
bulletHit <enter>

The Pledge

bulletGo to bonus features menu
bulletClick on visual commentary
bulletHighlight the aquarium icon
bulletPress <right>
bulletClick on the green fish
bulletHit <enter>

Aquarium Explanation

bulletGo to virtual aquarium menu
bulletHighlight the last one 'Sandy Reef'
bulletPress <down>
bulletClick on the green fish (top center of the screen)
bulletAudio comments on using the aquarium will be presented

The Missing Egg

bulletFrom main menu select Setup menu
bulletHighlight subtitles
bulletPress <left>
bulletClick on the green fish
bulletAudio that there is no Easter Egg will play.

Disc Two:

Want Out!

bulletGo to bonus features menu
bulletHighlight studio tour
bulletPress <Up>
bulletClick on green fish
bulletDory will try to escape from your television


bulletLocate encyclopedia
bulletHighlight the return arrow icon
bulletPress <Down>
bulletClick on green fish (top left of screen)

Aqua Scum

bulletGo to bonus features menu
bulletHighlight arrow back to main menu
bulletPress <Down>
bulletClick on green fish
bulletWill display an ad for Aqua Scum


bulletOn disc two go to the "Beyond Hell's Kitchen' sub menu.
bulletHighlight the <play> button
bulletHit <arrow right> to highlight Electra's daggers
bulletHit <enter>
bulletYou get a six minute blooper and out take reel

Star Wars: Episode Two: Attack of the Clones

bulletOn first disc
bulletHighlight the THX logo
bulletPress '1138' You may have to press 10+ 1 3 8 on some remotes
bulletThis will bring you to a blooper reel and production credits
bulletIf you can't get to it this way go to title 3 chapter 1. This also works for bloopers in Episode One. 
bulletFunny Posters from College Campaign
bulletOn second disc
bulletGo to 'Dex's Kitchen and Stills'
bulletSelect 'Dex's Kitchen'
bulletHighlight 'Menu'
bulletPress left arrow
bulletA small panel will highlight
bulletPress Enter for the hidden gallery


Six hidden features have been located so far.

bulletComic Book Movie Stills
bulletOn disc one go to Special Features
bulletGo to Character Files
bulletClick on any picture to see their film credits
bulletOn the second page of the credits arrow up and the name will be circled.
bulletA character bio will be seen
bulletThe image next to the character bio is a comic book scene from the film
bulletCGI Bloopers & Gag Reel
bulletInsert disc one and click on Special Features
bulletSelect Commentaries
bulletThere is a picture of Harry to the left
bulletArrow over to Harry's picture and a spider will appear
bulletClick on this picture for a gag reel
bulletTodd McFarlane Interview
bulletOn second disc go to DVD ROM features
bulletPress Up arrow to make a Spider-Man icon appear
bulletClick the icon for the interview
bulletRogue's Gallery Full Screen
bulletOn disc two go to the Evolution of Spider-Man section
bulletChoose Rogue's Gallery
bulletSelect 'Electro'
bulletAt the Menu Spider-Man button arrow down, you will highlight a Spider-Man silhouette
bulletSelect for a full screen version of a 3D Electro. Also works on Venom and Scorpion
bulletHistory of the Sinister Six
bulletOn disc two and go to Comic Section, Evolution of Spider-Man
bulletGo to Rogue's Gallery
bulletOn the top is a Spider-Man picture with his spider sense lines
bulletPress up until the sense lines are highlighted
bulletHit play and see a section on the Sinister Six
bulletJohn Romita & John Romita Jr. Feature
bulletOn disc two select the Web of Spider-Man option
bulletChoose Evolution of Spider-Man
bulletSelect Artist Gallery
bulletHit the right arrow and The Romitas will appear in upper right corner
bulletSelect for featurette on these Marvel artists

There is also a Quick Menu for access to all features. To get to it Highlight the 'Play Mivie' icon and press Up Arrow. 


bulletGo to 'Special Features"
bulletSelect 'Production Diaries"
bulletHit 'Enter'
bullet'Highlight 'Features'
bulletArrow left
bulletOne of the pencils will turn blue
bulletHit 'Enter' and you'll see footage of an avalanche that occurred during filming

Spy Games

bulletGo to title '2'. Its the same as the film except during play a folder marked 'Classified' and CIA icons will appear. Selecting one of them will provide addition information
bulletTitles 3-14 are little documentaries, the rest of the 31 titles are deleted scenes.

Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone

There are a lot of added features including a puzzle you have to solve to see the deleted scenes: Click here for a growing list of instructions to these features.

Moulin Rouge

There are so many known features for this film I've put it on a  separate page to make things load faster. Click Here for Moulin Rouge Hidden Features

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

From the Special Features menu arrow down to a wavy line symbol for water. Hit enter and there is a  nice little featurette about the father/daughter pair in the film. Angelina Jolie and her real life father John Voight.

Cast Away

There is a hidden feature where the contents of the one box not opened on the island is reportedly a water Proof cell phone. On the second disc go to VIDEO AND STILLS GALLERIES menu. press the up arrow button. This will result in the SPECIAL FEATURES option at the bottom of the screen being highlighted.  Do not press any button at this point. After about fifteen or twenty seconds and a graphic of a pair of wings will appear at the left of the screen. This graphic should already be highlighted. Press the Enter button, read the words on the screen, and then press the Enter button while Play is highlighted.


Two interesting extras are to be found on the supplemental disc.

bulletFrom the supplemental main menu go to the second page of features to Trailers and TV Spots
bulletIn this menu hit the LEFT arrow key and highlight the amulet on Richard Harris' neck
bulletPress ENTER
bulletYou will see a special Chicken Run trailer with a Gladiator theme (a chicken will rise...) This feature is also available on the Chick Run DVD under TV Spots.

For the second hidden feature:

bulletGo to the Storyboard section
bulletChoose Rhino Fight
bulletWhen the storyboard is displayed press UP ARROW
bulletHighlight the second frame of the storyboard in the center
bulletPress ENTER
bulletYou will then be shown the script for this never shown scene.


There are two know Easter eggs on this release.

To see an on-set joke involving Spiderman

bulletSelect 'Special Features' from the main menu
bulletSelect 'Theatrical Trailers & TV Spots'
bulletFrom the default selection 'Trailer A' press the left arrow key on your remote.
bulletHighlight the outline of a rose and press 'Enter'

For Preliminary ILM work on the Beast and the Blob

bulletSelect 'Special Features' from the main menu
bulletSelect the 'Art Gallery' option
bulletHighlight 'Main Menu' form this menu
bulletPress 'up arrow' on your remote and highlight Wolverine's dogtags.
bulletSelect the dogtags.


On disc one access the calibration color bars. Wait about 15 to 20 seconds and there will be an eight minute blooper feature.

Boogie Nights: Special Edition

On disc one access the calibration color bars. Wait about 15 to 20 seconds and there will be an eight minute blooper feature.

Terminator Two: Judgment Day

Besides the announced theatrical and special edition releases of the movie there is a third version of the movie on the disc! This is an extended special edition. To view it you can choose the easy way or the fun way. The fun way is to from the menu used to access the special edition there are some Roman numerals to the right. If you enter 82997 (Judgement day) the numerals should change to "The Future is Not Set". Go slow on this step. Wait after each number is entered to see one Roman numeral change to a word. You may have to hit ENTER after each number. The exoskeleton's eye's will light up and a new menu option will appear "Extended Special Edition". The easy way is to use your remote and go directly to Title 3 chapter 1. If you want to listen to the extended version in DTS you have to go through the number entry. First go to the sound options to set up for DTS and then enter the numbers to get the Extended Special Edition menu option.   

Independence Day  

Independence Day on DVD represents a new standard for "Easter Eggs’. The second (extras) disc, is the starting point for the best extras. Please note, if you do something wrong you will have to shut off the DVD player and start all over again.

bulletFrom Main Menu go to ‘Data Console’
bulletHighlight the ‘Main Menu’ entry and press right arrow
bulletThis highlights the power LED on the computer
bulletHit ‘Enter’ on your remote control to turn on the computer
bulletYou should see a briefly displayed message: ‘Access 7-4-Enter’
bulletSpaceship in the background should be activated. The access code must be entered within 10 seconds or the ship will deactivate.
bulletPress ‘7’ and ‘4’ on your remote. You may have to also hit the ‘Enter’ key. (you may need to hit the '10+' key seven times.
bulletYou should now be inside the spaceship. Please note, if you do something wrong you will have to shut off the DVD player and start all over again.

Inside the ship

You get a new menu with four options:

bulletSonic Separator (isolates layers of the soundtrack)
bulletCombat Review (Random action scenes)
bulletMonitor Earth Broadcasts (Random newscasts made for the film)

Easter Egg within an Easter Egg

bulletIf you enter ‘7’ and ‘2’ above you will get a special menu to go to any of the 12 Combat Review segments
bulletEnter ‘7’-‘3’ in the above to get a special menu for direct access to any of the 22 Newscasts from ‘Monitor Earth’s Broadcasts’.

Sixth Sense

bulletGo to the extras menu and select the case that held the video tape from the dead girl in the movie. It shows a clip from the first horror movie made by the director when he was 11 years old.

The Abyss   

bulletOn the 2nd disk, in the Imaging Station, arrow down from the Image Gallery menu and you'll get the message, "You know you want it, and I can give it to you, I'm the magic man, I'm the Santa Claus of the subconscious."


bulletFrom the Main Menu arrow up to teh circle at the top of the menu graphic. Select this circle and you will access the pre-production artwork for the film.

Natural Born Killers (Director's Cut)

bulletGo to the TriMark logo at the bottom of the main menu. Select that. You'll see trailers for 'Another Day in Paradise'. 'Natural Born Killers' and 'The Cube'.


bulletFrom the main menu arrow down to the Extra Features option. Left Arrow to select the left ‘window’. Press Enter. This will reveal the credits for the DVD production.
bulletSelect Scene Selection from the main menu and hit Enter. Immediately return to the Main Menu and arrow back to Scene Selection. Now use the Right Arrow to select the Right ‘window’ and hit Enter. This will reveal detail bios on all the crew members of the Nostromo and flight plans for the Nostromo.
bulletGo into the Extra Features submenu and arrow all the way to the bottom. Highlight the pool of acid there and hit Enter. This will show the transmission Kane made regarding the life cycle of the creature.

Alien 3

bulletWatch all of the ‘Making Of’ featurette. At the end of this clip is an additional Alien 3 trailer with previously unreleased footage.

Blair Witch Project

bulletGo to the Special Features submenu and arrow down until the infamous stick figure is highlighted. Hit Enter and you will see two teasers and a trailer from Blair Witch and a trailer from Steven King’s ‘The Stand’.

Disturbing Behavior

bulletFrom the Main Menu select the Special Features menu. From here, highlight the eye of the test subject and hit Enter. You will see a a bit of the brainwashing sequence used in the film.

Kiss the Girls

bulletTitle 5 provides the THX logo sequence
bulletTitle 6 provides the THX logo sequence


bulletFrom the Main Menu select the Trimark logo in the lower right corner. It leads to three trailers.
bulletThe Curve
bulletCarnival of Souls

Embrace of the Vampire

bulletFrom the Main Menu arrow down until the New Line logo is highlighted. Click Enter and the DVD's credits will be displayed.

Poison Ivy (also Poison Ivy II : Lilly and Poison Ivy III: The Last Seduction)

bulletFrom the Main Menu arrow down until the New Line logo is highlighted. Click Enter and the DVD's credits will be displayed.

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