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DVDs are so convent and much smaller than the old video tapes so they are much easier for anyone to collect. I have many friends who have hundreds of discs in their home; more titles than the old video rental stores of just a decade ago. As a film and television critic I get a lot of DVDs and as per my nature keep them all. This has resulted in a rather large and ever growing collection. Recently I realized that I was having some difficulty in locating a particular disc should the urge strike to watch it. Being a data base person I have maintained a data base of my collection and have since the VCR days. What I found was it was growing more difficult to keep it up to date. Then I ran across a program that made my life a lot easier, Movie Collector from I design data bases for a living and I have to say this is one of the best, most well thought out programs of this type I have ever encountered. My old data base was geared towards video tapes and I just added some fields for DVDs. Movie Collector was made specifically for DVDs and it is as easy to use as possible.

With thousands of discs and more coming in almost every day I had a daunting task just to catch up with what I had on hand. My Collector not only made it easy it was fun to do. One this site you can also purchase a barcode reader. This device scans the barcodes on the back of all DVDs and Blu-ray discs and automatically reads them into the program. It then connects to the online data base and the title is cataloged. After a few thousand scans I did find some errors but it was simple to click a button and upload the changes to their data base. One note here, the downloadable database available on this site did provide to be more accurate and have several titles I couldn't find with My Collector.

This program keeps every field you can think of. Most of the basic fields about the disc, the content and even the cover art downloads automatically. The personal details such as were you have the disc located in your home and when and where you got it is easy to add on your own. There is even a section to manage your loans such as who and when you loaned a disc. If for some reason the barcode doesn't read in you can just type it into the input section of the program and look it up that way.

When I received scanner and downloaded the program I started to scan in my collection. Within a week or so I already had over 2,400 titles in the system. The scanning was a lot faster but I verified and added a lot of personal information which took a few minutes each. every friend I told about this system went out and got one for themselves. Now when the mood strikes to watch a specific title I know exactly where I have it stashed. Whether you have a few hundred or many thousands of discs in your home you need this program.

for those interested here is the link to my current collection

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