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News and Releases

This section will present the latest news items and information concerning home theater, DVD and films. Because of the large amount of time required to keep the DVD database current and accurate no rumors are typically considered on this site. Usually, for a new DVD release to make it in this section the studio has to have committed to a firm release date and provided a UPC number for the release.

If you have an additions, corrections or comments please let us know.

Other sections to the left are Grapevine (details of the day's new announcements), DVD Releases has selected DVD titles, newly substantiated street dates coming up and a list of releases for last week, this week and next week as well as multimedia links to future releases, Home Theater News and Editorials (a place for us to let you know what is on our minds). There is also a list of the top ten sales for VHS and DVD. 

For all announced releases please download the complete DVD list and search for a status of 'Pending'. For DVDs coming over the next few months check out the Upcoming Releases.

Thanks to everyone visiting this site.

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