Patriot's Day (2016)
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Patriot's Day (2016)

As the song from several decades ago noted, war is good for "absolutely nothing (say it again)." Will always be axiomatically true of the generation was the very last one to exist real wall was at least subject to certain engagement. Markedly the most prominent are that there were clearly defined sides that boiled you down to us versus them. At certain points in time, the sides were barbarians or Romans Mongols versus everyone for the Allied forces versus the Axis powers. This made it possible to assign blame to the destruction, violence, and death that inevitably happen when armed conflict explodes into reality. Tell the enemy quite easily by the uniform he wore for the language they spoke. They had a clearly defined military hierarchy with a distinctive and readily identifiable leader. The enemy could be targeted by national affiliation which made the distinction between our side and our evil foe. With the new millennium, a new type of warfare dominated the world stage, terrorism. Although the main instigators usually associated with specific religion or nationality, N No centralized target that could be cited as the ultimate objective necessary to read. With the current terrorism that is captivated the entire world in a state of horror, there was no centralized base of operations that required destruction. Progress with diversified loosely connected so scattered throughout a region of the globe spanning several countries. It is popular to assign blame to a particular religion in certain countries where that faith is dominant. Accomplishing this was achieved despite the fact that the vast majority of their faithful are peaceful. The recent film ‘Patriots’ Day’ Is a Modern War Film demonstrating the fallacy of traditional thinking but this modern class of warfare. Some of the worst and most deadly attacks can be perpetrated by individuals that do not fit any aspect of the profile, a person’s religion or ideological beliefs. Of course, those commonly held stereotypes are often based, at least in part on reality. The movie details the investigation that ensued after the infamous 2013 Boston Marathon bombing there was that needed on April 15. The detonation of two strategically placed explosive devices took the life of six individuals injuring an additional 260 people. This film called the investigation that ensued.

The main point of view character for this film is Sgt. Tommy Saunders (Mark Wahlberg) of the Boston Police Department. Comments set out that pleasant spring morning looking forward to what would certainly be an easy and enjoyable assignment, monitoring the route for the annual Boston Marathon. Typically this detail entails standing in the sunshine watching us thousands of diehard runners passed by his position. Boston Marathon had been a part of the cultural scene of the city since 1997 and was one of the municipal events that accurate enormous numbers of serious runners. Before going much further into the consideration of this film, it should be noted that the typical caveats regarding the veracity of the events and portrayals of the participants have been reformed under the perennial banner of artistic license. This is storytelling technique employed by directors and screenwriters alter reality for the sake of a cohesive and dramatically coherent narrative. This becomes such a routine part of marketing that advertises that the film is ‘based on real events,' has become a euphemism that is understood to mean accurate in the most general use of the term possible. This is not to impugn the integrity of the filmmaker or the honesty of his intentions and appropriately to honor the men and women who died in were injured as a result of that heinous event. It is just necessary to understand that this movie was never intended to be a documentary, always presented as a form of entertainment.

The story begins the day before the marathon establishing the focal point of the film will be on Sgt. Saunders. He had recently been suspended, forced to work his way back up to his previous station. As part of his pendency was given an assignment that was considered a light weight posting, the finish line at the marathon. From his vantage point, you can see the stands for the observers, placement of the new services are set up their cameras and volunteers rating the first ones to finish the over 26.4 mile race. For some, the race had already come close to completion when at 2:49 PM a pair of explosions, timed to detonate 12 seconds apart, shattered the exuberance of the afternoon. The explosive devices were carefully set near the finish line timed for nearly simultaneous detonation to maximize the terrifying effect. The training instilled in Tommy and his fellow offices take over as they push back the shock and gear up to act. They faced a nearly impossible task of remaining collected to held the thousands of people in attendance helping the numerous injured to safety and medical assistance.

No time was wasted before the municipal authorities were joined by Federal investigators to ascertain the details of the act of cowardly terrorism and bring them to justice. Police Commissioner Ed Davis (John Goodman) Joins Saunders as they comb through video form every available security camera in the area augmented by any cell phone video that might have obtained hoping to find something suspicious and actionable. One of the main concerns on everyone’s mind is that this was just the beginning; the terrorists were sure to have an agenda that had not yet been complete and would continue with devastation. It was unknown at the time but the two men responsible I plan to go to New York City to continue their rampage. Despite the differences in the methodology of warfare the fundamental raison d'êtr for the filmmaker, Peter Berg, was nearly identical to the war movies that permeated World War II, to spark an emerald hope in an audience that is overwhelmed by the frighteningly bad news. Modern sensibilities now permit violent imagery to be graphically detailed with a shocking but the ultimatelly useful purpose served by this type of ilm. It functions to reassure the audience that the municipal government on up to the federal alphabet soup of criminal investigation organizations reassuring us that our government is equipped to deal with the type of warfare that can be instigated by well-established terrorist groups to water to zealots determined to bring fear and suffering to the innocent. Spearheading the federal portion of the investigation was Supervisory Special Agent Richard DesLauriers (Kevin Bacon), of the FBI's Boston field.

Mr. Berg is in the middle of rebranding his career after a couple of poorly received movies, notably ‘Battleship’ and ‘Lone Survivor.' Most recently he has turned his creative talent to the production of some television series, ‘The Leftovers’ and ‘Friday Night Lights joined by the short-lived but notable series ‘Trauma,' ‘Prime Suspect’ and ‘The Leftovers.' It is certain that the man has an innate talent for telling the story and the crafting of this film bears witness to the fact. If you’re interested in a factual account of the stock they in American history I suggest some of the content offered by the History Channel. However, should you be looking for an intensely dramatic film following some of the particular techniques used to track down bombers such as these, this is an ideal film for you to consider. The men found responsible for this tragedy were brothers Dzhokhar (Alex Wolff) and Tamerlan Tsarnaev acting in concert to create a great demonstration of their objection to Western decidence yjey so strongly objected.

Dzhokhar was a student attending the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, a citizen of the United States his brother was still a national of the country of their origin, Kyrgyzstan, was in the process of obtaining his citizenship to the USA. The younger brother, Tamerlan aspired to be a professional boxer and was suspected of recently a growing interest in radicalized Islamic doctrine. Tamerlan had made some progress in converting Dzhokhar to Islam but he was significantly Americanized focus more on getting high and video games. The wife, Katherine (Melissa Benoist), was devoted to the tenants of her new religion with zeal. Eventually she was apprehended and try to revert on Constitutional protections only to learn that she was considered a combat collaborator subject to harsher treatment. Finally, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar were tracked down through videos taken by observers and CCTV. The crime was horrendous but was resolved through standard police procedures. The brothers were not shown to have been trained or directly motivated by any known terrorist organizations. The brothers had nothing at all to do a formal terrorist groups currently presented in some Middle Eastern countries but their motivation was the same.

It works very well as a true crime thriller is always a modern-day war story providing a showcase for the indomitable spirit of the American people been faced with such horrifying circumstances. When it comes to an actor portraying a character from Boston you can succeed on the level of Mark Wahlberg. As a native son of Boston particularly its working-class neighborhood of Dorchester, Mr. Walberg does not have to assume many affectations to produce a realistic performance. This was the area he was born and raised in providing him insight and understanding of the slightest nuances possessed by his character. This confuses within the story a sense of realism, believability and a platform for the audience to readily identify with this character. What are the main detractors seen by many critics of the film is that it was a synthesis created by two different scripts which did result in an unfocused impetus for the story? Whatever technical flaws people might find in this film there more than compensated for by the honesty of purpose using the film by cast and crew were like. The most poignant moments of the film occurs aduring the closing credits. During this time actual footage of the events of that horrible day are shown on the screen whatever details that were changed for the sake of a smoothly flowing storyline for more than made up for by the end credits display of real news footage from that day. Beside from leaving the audience with a horrible realization that this was a true event that dispels any accusations that the film serves to this honor the men and women who lost their lives over seriously injured on that day.

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Posted 03/29/2017

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