Pink Floyd's The Wall
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Pink Floyd's The Wall

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Imagine that you are attending a Pink Floyd concert. They are performing their classic, ‘The Wall’. You are not in the front row of the theater, you are seated right on stage with the guitar power chords whipping around you! This is what Pink Floyd’s The Wall is like. The medium is the message here far more than the flimsy plot. The story concerns the self-isolation of a rock star, Pink. (Bob Geldof of the Boomtown Rats). He is alone for most of the film in his hotel room, watching war movies on TV and reminiscing about his restrictive childhood. The room, TV show and memories seem to meld into a bizarre melange of visual and audio wonder. The movie is frankly beyond description, the music and video montages just flow over and around you.

This film is a nightmare for the reviewer. How do you use words to describe a sensory experience of such magnitude? The Wall may be light on plot but the sights and sounds bring you to the edge of being overwhelmed without pushing you over the line. This is one of the discs that will show off your home theater and have your neighbors running to the electronics store to purchase their own systems. Make sure your speakers are up to the task. Every speaker will not only be used but be in almost constant use. The sub woofer pounds the bass line and effects, the vocals stream out of the center speakers while power chords fly between the front and rear speakers. This movie was intended for a high-end theater and unfortunately, most movie houses did not live up to the demand. Fortunately, most digital home theaters do. The scene of ‘Another Brick in the Wall’ where the children are moved as if on an assembly line to a machine that removes their faces and then they are further processed in a meat grinder will help you understand the cryptic lyrics of this masterpiece.

The disc is loaded with extras. There are documentaries, a retrospective, a running commentary by Roger Waters and even a few hidden features. You even get a reference type technical sound system setup guide. You can select by scene or song and the interactive menus are ‘a trip, man’. Get this disc, pop it in and sit back. This is not a over long music video as some have branded it, it is an experience you will never forget.

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