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Known RCE DVDs

It is difficult to find information about RCE discs. The studios have not yet provided this information in their release announcements. As soon as I get a good source for this I will include the field in my database.  Here are the confirmed RCE discs. One thing to remember is these studios may not restrict RCE to new releases. In some cases older releases undergoing new pressings may include RCE. If you have any additions to this list please email me so I can include it here. Some lists on the web report a lot more titles but these are the ones I have either personally verified, had several visitors verify or where I got some information from the studios.

Most new releases from Sony and Columbia/Tristar are RCE.

13 Conversations About One Thing
13 Days
6th Day
All The Pretty Horses
Animal, The
Another You
Another Woman
Brother, The
Black Hawk Down
Buying the Cow
Cannonball Run
Cirque Du Soleil 3-Pack
Charlie's Angels
Contract Killer
Dogtown and ZBoys
Fat City
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (disc one only)
Finding Forester
Ghosts of Mars
Half Loaf of Kung Fu
Hollow Man
Joe Dirt
A Knight's Tale
Killer Meteors, The
Magnificent Seven
Magnificent Seven Ride Again
Mr. Deeds
New Guy, The
The Patriot (the first confirmed RCE disc)
Panic Room (Superbit)
The Perfect Storm
Saving Silverman
South Park : Chefs Experience
South Park : Xmas in South Park
Sugar and Spice
The Sweetest Thing (Rated and Unrated)
Thomas Tank & Magic Railroad
True Believer
Urban Legend Final Cut
ZIg Zag

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