Shameless: Season 8
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Shameless: Season 8

It is common for a successful television series to emigrate across the Atlantic Ocean to repeat its popularity with American audiences. In most instances, the transplanted shows fail to meet expectations completely. However, when the new series clicks, there is the potential to soar above the original. The original British version of ‘Shameless’ lasted a respectable ten years. The American variation is about to begin its ninth season leaving season eight as the subject of this consideration. The fundamental theme is series is quite popular, the dysfunctional family. Even though this is the basis for many television series and movies is usually focused on either the reason for antisocial behavior or, to make the audience. Good about themselves by comparison. In the case of this series will the family at the center of the action, the Gallaghers, most definitely dysfunctional and prone to antisocial behavior, undeniably the entire family seems to get along with each other. They are fiercely loyal to one another, rising in defiance anyone that threatens the family. Considering they almost always in some form of trouble or experiencing one type of crisis or another, this familiar cohesiveness is crucial to their survival. Among the most attractive aspects of the series is the organic means that change infused into the very fabric of the show. Character growth is vital to any story but rarely is the inherent craftsmanship as meticulously presented. In the early seasons of the series, it appeared that everything that could go wrong does so on a regular basis. From the perspective of the eighth season, it is increasingly obvious that those trials served as a forged that hardened their resolve and tightened the Gallagher sense of unity. Throughout the early seasons of the series, the thematic onus examined how the Gallaghers stood together overcoming adversity. A previous couple of seasons have incorporated an important modification to the primary motivation. Members of the family are confronted with circumstances life as ill-prepared them to handle, success.

The most important, and somewhat unusual aspect of this season can be likened to the adage concerning lemons and a certain refreshing summer beverage. In the past when life handed a Gallagher some lemons, it was inevitable that the juice would be poured in their eyes. This time many of the members of this woeful clan have managed to obstacles into a potentially life-changing book. A while back it seemed that Fiona (Emmy Rossum) would end up serving a hard time in prison when her youngest brother, Liam (Brandon Sims), ingested cocaine. Fiona was given probation and assigned to work at a diner, Patsy’s Pie. After a failed relationship with the manager, Fiona manages to establish a significant line of credit, purchase the laundry across the street, flip it and become the owner of an apartment building. Her life was finally turning around until she encounters several of the pitfalls inherently part of the position of the landlord. Tenants that won’t pay back rent, repairs and finally the twisted bad luck that plagues her family hits hard; a worker is injured while repairing the roof. Fiona, a sympathetic person, allows his family to stay in the apartment she put aside for her own, they refuse to leave and sue Fiona for a ridiculous amount. Fortunately, her Chicago Side street smarts save the day.

Life is a similar roller coaster teasing at a successful life for the eldest brother, Lip (Jeremy Allen White). After receiving a truly life-changing opportunity, a chance to nurture his intellectual gifts. A place in the university, is demons overtake him. Lip spirals out of control in the grips of alcoholism. When their often-AWOL mother dies and a very large stash of methamphetamine, going against Fiona’s warnings, the kids, urged by their father, Frank (William H. Macy), to sell the drugs and enjoy the cash. Lip and Debbie (Emma Kenney), are pulled into the center of trouble when the drug dealer comes back for either the cash or the money. Barely extricating themselves Lip winds up in rehab, eventually getting a sponsor and Debbie, after some failed tries at unorthodox means of living, ends up supporting herself and her young daughter, Francine, by attending school for certification in wielding. Debbie was always the caretaker and managed to rise to the challenges of being a single mother.

Carl (Ethan Cutkosky), experiences one of the profound changes of the family. In the first seasons, Carl was a psychopath in training. After juvenile detention turns him into a young gangster, he finds a girlfriend that ultimately rejects him. The good news that comes out of this failed affair is Carl become close with her police officer father. He inspires Carl to attend military school. Carl has a change in priorities and becomes an excellent cadet. Meanwhile, Ian (Cameron Monaghan), fights against his inheritance from his mother, Bi-polar disorder, and becomes an EMT in the Chicago Fire Department. Relative job security and the proper medication allow Ian to attempt relationships with several men. Ultimately Ian becomes an activist for the homeless and gay rights, hailed by his followers as ‘Gay Jesus’. Ian’s zeal to help the homeless clashed with Fiona’s burgeoning responsibility as a serious businesswoman. Fiona had her eye set on s building for expansion. Unfortunately, the same one Ian was planning on converting to a homeless shelter. He targets his big sister with a series demonstration with his growing flock of faithful followers.

It would not be a season of ‘Shameless’ without some misguided antics by the patriarch of the Gallagher clan, Frank. His usual stanch supporter, Debbie, is too busy with her classes and child to coddle her recalcitrant parent, he announces that it is time for him to retire, but as everyone is quick to point out, Frank had never had an had an honest day’s work in his life. After trying to finagle the government but when that failed he set his sights on the latest in a long line of dubious get rich quick schemes. Frank decides to become a ‘coyote, smuggling illegal immigrants into Canada. When he announces his intentions at the Alibi Room, many of the bar’s regulars ask him to pick up their medications because of the drastic reduction in cost up north. Naturally, Frank runs afoul of the law. In this instance, it is a novel experience for him.\he is caught by the men in red, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

The see-saw effect of circumstances encompassed the extended family of the Gallaghers, Kevin (Steve Howey) and Veronica (Shanola Hampton), Fiona’s best friends and owners of the Alibi Room. They have been struggling to keep the bar afloat ever since they inherited it from the former owner. Neither Kevin or ‘V’ possessed even a modicum of practical business acumen. They wind up living as a ‘trouble,’ three people in a polyamorous relationship with the Russian prostitute, Svetlana (Isidora Goreshter).it began as her serving as a live-in caregiver for their babies but when Svetlana has threatened deportation the only solution was a green card marriage. Kevin was technically still legally married, so it fell to V and some freshly pasted laws to wed the devious Russian. When the threesome falls apart, they discover that the bar was known in Svetlana’s name. Ultimately once Kevin discovers domination the tables turn, and Svetlana needs their help to best her rival from the old county.

Posted 04/21/2018

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