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Non DVD Film Reviews

Many home theater enthusiasts prefer DVD. I have to admit, so do I. But what got me into home theater in the first place is my love for movies. Unfortunately, not all movies available for home viewing are on DVD. Many worth while films are available only on video tape or on cable movie stations. While VHS as a  format is not up to the standards of DVD the movies should not be overlooked. Most home theater receivers are capable of providing excellent sound for a wide variety of video tapes. There is simulated surround, theater mode etc. These modes can heighten the enjoyment of most films. Many tapes are available in Dolby Prologic which, while not a fully enabled surround format, does provide excellent reproduction. This section was created to provide information about movies that are currently not available in DVD format  Some of the movies reviewed here are unfortunately, not even to be found on VHS. They are available on some premium cable stations. In any case, don't hold the lack of digital format against them, you will be missing some great films.


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