Zero Surge TSC power filter
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Zero Surge TSC power filter

A must have for every home theater and home computer

It may seem strange but the modern American home is now, at least in part, a professional level data center. As unbelievable as it sounds there was a time when computers were only in large universities or high end research or military installations. Not only do most homes have a computer it is increasingly common for most members of the household to have there own computer. We basically keep our lives on these electronic devices; our means to earn a living is stored on them; cherished photographs and videos reside there and lately most of the games, music and movies we love are kept there. With all that valuable information on a storage device it is imperative to make sure nothing happens to that data. You can be super diligent in backing up this data; making sure that you maintain spare copies of most if not all of it. You purchase firewalls, anti virus software and programs to prevent invasions of spammers and others that want your precious data. One thing that is overlooked far too much is protecting your computer from harm. You have already taken steps to make sure the software is safe now you have to protect the actual hardware.

A fluctuation in the household current can ruin your computer. A spike in the current can fry your machine in less than a blink of an eye. Most people think that the $20 surge protector you get at the checkout counter of the local supermarket or the back aisle of the local electronics store is just not going to protect your equipment adequately. The ZeroSurge TSC Power Filter may cost more, from $200 up depending on how many outlets are contained, but measure that against the cost of replacing your computer, plasma television or home theater receiver. You insure your health, your life and even your car and home. Surely your electronics deserve the same consideration. Jut think what your life would be like if after a lightening storm your TV didnít turn on or all the gigs of music on your hard drive was suddenly gone. That brand new Blu-ray DVD player you enjoy so much is now just a box sitting in the corner. Most would admit that a couple of hundred dollars is worth avoiding that situation.

This unit also costs more for one simple fact; it works. A cheap surge protector may be able to keep a sudden increase in line voltage from hitting your equipment. It does this by either shorting ground voltages or blocking them by throwing a built in circuit breaker. The response time of this method is not fast enough to prevent catastrophic damage to the equipment. The TSC unit uses a completely different means of saving your electronics; Wide Voltage Range - Total Surge Cancellation. This way does not depend on trying to block the harmful voltage differences it acts to cancel them out altogether. The unit sets up a counter voltage that is opposite of what is attacking your system. Most of the other systems depend on MOVs (Metal Oxide Varistor) which is a ceramic and zinc construct that reacts to specific currents. The time necessary to leap into action is far less than any mechanical circuit breaker. Still this is not fast enough to prevent a lot of damage. the Zero surge employs a proprietary method that has the fastest response time possible.  This also adds a great deal to the life expectancy of the unit. Most of us have had the powers strips fail or just refuse to turn on. This unit will be around well after you upgrade your computer or home theater. It not only cancels the most dangerous surges but it offsets the residual surge voltages making this unit a complete solution to protecting your electronics. According to the specifications it can neutralize up to 1,000 category-B surges, measuring 6,000 Volts/3,000 Amps. It also covers the full range of 85-volt to 265-volts.

You are basically not thinking right if you donít consider the purchase of this unit. It is available in many configurations and prices; one will be just right for your home.

7.5 amp unit, for preceding a UPS or a power strip or simple TV and VCR or DVD set-up. Will protect 1 or 2 typical computer systems. $129


15 amp unit, for preceding a UPS or a power strip. Will protect 2 or 3 typical computer systems. $159


20 amp reactor and 20 amp power cord. Often used in audio applications. Requires 20 amp wiring and receptacles. $199


7.5 amp desktop unit. The switch enables the product to be used as a master On/Off switch. Will handle 1 or 2 typical computer systems. 8 outlets, 6 switched, 2 always on. $149

8R7.5W-TWR Tower Model

Same as the 8R7.5 but stands vertically to save space. $149


15 amp desktop unit. Like the 8R7.5, it can be used as a master On/Off switch, but will handle 2 to 3 typical computer systems, high-end audio, and home theater applications. 8 outlets, 6 switched, 2 always on. $199

8R15W-TWR Tower Model

Same as the 8R15 but stands vertically to save space. $199

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